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How to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse

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If you don’t get your cavity tended immediately, then it will only get worse. A cavity will not stagnate but will always worsen until the moment the right treatment is administered. If you were wondering if you can control the worsening of your cavity, then worry not because Vita Dental Spring has got you covered.

We always advise our patients to report any occurrence of a cavity as soon as they learn about them but if you can’t report the same, then there are means and ways through which you can control your cavity and prevent it from getting worse. Our dentists here at Vita Dental Spring have put together a list of ways through which you can prevent your cavity from getting worse and we hope the tips will be helpful;

How to Stop a Cavity from Getting Worse

Brush the affected spot with a lot of care

Once some people discover they have a cavity on a certain tooth, they dread brushing that tooth for fear of making the cavity. It is also very painful when a brush goes over an affected tooth. You should however not stop brushing your teeth but instead brush the tooth thoroughly without causing any pain.

This brushing will get rid of any remnants which if left, will only make the cavity even bigger and make the whole situation worse. If you don’t brush these remnants stuck in the cavity will make the hole even bigger and worsen your situation.

Drink as much water as possible

A dry mouth is a bacteria heaven. Without enough water to flush the bacteria to the stomach where they can easily be killed by the acids present there, the bacteria will accumulate in the mouth and increase the chances of aggravating the cavity even more.

With or without a cavity, you should increase your water intake. Water is not only essential in flushing down the bacteria and food remnants, it helps to keep the oral system supple and healthy.

Report the cavity to your dentist immediately

The surest way of ensuring that your cavity doesn’t get worse, is by reporting the same to your dentist and getting the best possible treatment. Negligence and ignoring the cavity will only make it worse.

However much you try to mitigate the effects of the cavity, you will never quite lead a normal lifestyle and you will be getting pain episodes every now and then. It is therefore wise to report a cavity and get appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

Fluoride treatment

Want to hinder the progress of a cavity? Fluoride is one sure way of mitigating the progression of a cavity. Fluoride nourishes the enamel with minerals required to harden it and this makes the teeth as strong as possible.

Stronger teeth are more resistant to cavities and even if a hole has already developed, it will not spread any further. If constantly applied, the fluoride will even reverse the decay and give the teeth the strength it needs to withstand future attacks.

Rinse your mouth thoroughly with clean salty water

Warm saltwater is the equivalent of medical antiseptic. Saltwater creates a saline environment in the mouth and around the cavity. The saline environment is unconducive for the habitation of bacteria and will thus have mitigated the progress of the cavity.

Use Xylitol to further prevent the cavity development

Xylitol, which is present in some mouthwashes, is an alcohol which destroys bacteria that cause infections and cavities in the mouth. Other than in mouthwashes, Xylitol is also present in some chewing gums and you can buy these gums and chew them repeatedly over the cavity to prevent further worsening of the cavity.

Reduce intake of sugary foods

The other sure way of reducing the effects of a cavity is by watching your diet and reducing your intake of sugary foods, Sugary foods are the chief cause of cavities. The sugar mixes with saliva and other chemicals to create an acid that eats into the enamel causing the cavities.

If you have to eat sugary foods, then ensure that you rinse your mouth immediately after you are done eating. You should also thoroughly brush your teeth and floss to get rid of any remnants that might worsen the cavity.

Give Vita Dental Spring a call

The surest way of ensuring that your cavity doesn’t spread any further is by giving your dentist a call and getting the treatment that is required to eliminate the cavity by covering it up. If you are looking for such services, then look no further than our way here at Vita Dental Spring.

Vita Dental Spring is a professional dental service provider in Spring Texas offering the best dental services at affordable market prices. We have helped thousands of clients manage their problematic cavities and you should let us manage yours as well. Give Vita Dental Spring a call today and we will gladly be of help.