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How to Remineralize Your Teeth’s Enamel

How to Remineralize Your Teeth’s Enamel 150 150 Tony

How to Remineralize Your Teeth’s Enamel

Minerals that make up your enamel like phosphates and calcium will naturally be lost as you age. This could be caused by consuming acidic or surgery foods. It could also occur when the bacteria accumulate in the mouth. Once your enamel starts to lose mineral it could fracture with ease and you might need to have them replaced. However, you can replenish the minerals with various remedies. Here are the remedies that we at Vita Dental Spring have for remineralizing teeth.

Brush your teeth twice a day

If you want to keep bacteria levels down, you need to brush your teeth often. Cavities usually occur when bacteria accumulate in your mouth. These bacteria are usually transmitted via drinks and food. When you brush teeth often, it eliminates acid-producing bacteria that dissolve minerals from your enamel.

Use fluoride toothpaste

There are many types of toothpaste but only fluoride-based ones can stop demineralization. The toothpaste is also quite effective at fighting tooth decay. The fluoride usually binds to the enamel and help to add strength to it.

Soak in the Sun

The sun helps the skin to produce vitamin D when it is exposed to the sun. The sun’s UV rays are a catalyst for this vitamin’s production. When these rays touch the skin, they convert a type of cholesterol found naturally into vitamin D.

In essence, we should be getting more than 90 percent of vitamin D from sun exposure. It is hard to say exactly how much sunlight you need since this is affected by season. Other factors are air pollution, location, time of day and skin pigmentation. This vitamin D helps to process calcium, which can be useful in remineralizing the enamel.

Cut sugar intake

We at vita Dental Spring advise cutting your sugar levels. Sugar is acidic when it interacts with bacteria. This acid breaks down the enamel and causes it to lose its strength. The worst culprits appear to be table sugar and honey.

A study even found that the frequency of sugar intake was more damaging than the amount of sugar taken. In short, taking small portions of sugar often is more harmful compared to consuming a huge serving of sugar-filled dessert.

Chew sugarless gum

The role of gum in oral health is huge. Studies show that when you chew sugarless gum, it helps to remineralize the enamel. The chewing produces saliva, which eliminates bacteria, carbs, and plaque that leach the minerals from the teeth.

Consume fruits and fruit juices in moderation

While fruit is an important part of a healthy diet, it can be quite acidic. It is especially so when you consider citrus fruits. The acid from fruits could start dissolving calcium from the enamel. Fruit juices are even worse. Besides being acidic, they contained refined sugars that are stuck in hard to clean crevices in your enamel. Our Vita Dental Spring experts recommend that you take acidic fruits on rare occasions and avoid fruits juices.

Consume more calcium-rich foods

While your teeth produce calcium naturally, bacteria and acidic foods with time usually strip it off. You can replace this calcium if you consume calcium-rich foods. For instance, a study found that each cheese could negate the effects of eating sugar. If you eat foods low in calcium, talk to your doctor about getting some supplements.

Decrease consumption of dairy products

While dairy products are rich in calcium, the lactose in milk products can grow the acidity in the mouth. This is because lactose is a sugar. You can still get the benefits of calcium if you pick lactose-free milk or consuming almond milk. 

Take probiotics

Probiotics are great for helping your gut digest food. This way, it will help the body absorb more mineral and reduce constipation, which takes away important minerals from your body. Probiotics that are found in drugstores are supplements. Some of the yogurt brands also have probiotics.

Deal with your dry mouth

Dry mouth is caused by decreased production of saliva. However, the saliva is not only needed for keeping the mouth comfortable; it suppresses the growth of bacteria. The salvia itself is rich in calcium and phosphate that remineralize the teeth. Visit us at Vita Dental Spring if you have dry mouth.

Cut down on starchy foods

These starchy foods are rice, bread, potatoes, and others. They are full of simple carbohydrates. These easily break down into sugars, which increase sugar levels in your mouth. Studies have shown that the risk of tooth decays increases with increased consumption of starchy foods.

Take more water

Water is one of the best beverages, according to dental experts. It does not have any sugars and it helps to rid the mouth and body of any harmful items. Ensure you rinse your mouth often if you want to avoid demineralization. This is especially important after you consume sugary or acidic foods.

These tips should help you get back the minerals you lost from your enamel. Besides that, avoid brushing too hard. You should also ensure you pick a soft-bristled toothbrush.