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How to Keep a Healthy Smile

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How to Keep a Healthy Smile

Keeping a healthy smile is difficult but trying to be treated for a dental problem can be quite costly and time-consuming. A good oral health routine will ensure that your teeth, gums, and general health are great. It also helps to have a great smile. Here are some of the tips that we have prepared on how to ensure you have a great smile at all times.

You need to see the dentist more often

The standard twice a year visit is probably not enough. As an adult, you should go for a dental checkup at least once every three months. It may sound like a lot but if you really want that perfect smile, you should do it if you can. In adults, the bacteria build up quite fast. It might seem costly, especially if you have to pay out of pocket. However, it will be totally worth it if you would like that perfect smile.

You should probably see a new dentist

If you are often afraid of visiting your dentist because you fear the pain, you need a new dentist. A good dentist, like the ones at Vita Dental Spring, will know how to ensure they remedy any discomfort you might experience. If your dentist does not know how to do this, it means they may also not know how to give you the perfect smile.

Learn to watch out for early signs of a problem

Most dental issues do not cause pain at first. For instance, cavities will usually be painless until they deepen and hit a nerve. For instance, gum disease is often silent at first. It is only when it really deepens into the tissues that you notice the pain. Ensure that you do regular visual checks when you brush teeth. This way, you will also avoid any serious issues and keep your perfect smile at all times.

Floss often

There is no dental technique as effective as flossing teeth. Even if you use toothpicks after meals, nothing quite gets into the teeth as effectively as dental floss. It helps to eject any kind of bacteria that are hiding between teeth and the gums. In fact, brushing only helps to rid you of 50% of the bacteria. When you floss, it helps to eject the remaining colonies nestled deep into your mouth.

Seeing the dentist could save your life

If you have a bad habit of missing dental appointments, it could be affecting you in even worse ways. There is a realization that the link exists between heart disease and oral health. Some studies show that there is a connection but there is still more research needed. Some studies show that the bacteria in the mouth usually travel to the heart’s arteries. If you have heart disease, you will not be smiling too much.

You need to watch your diets

What you consume can really affect your smile. For instance, if what you eat gives you acid reflux, it could cause wear to your teeth. Besides that, some of the drinks you take, such as sodas could really damage your teeth. They leave sugars in your mouth and erode teeth due to their acidity. In general, if you do not eat well, your body will not have the ability to fight off infections that ruin your smile.

Consider cosmetic dentistry

In some cases, after years of taking coffee, your teeth could become stained, ruining your perfect smile. To get over this issue, simply go for cosmetic dentistry called teeth whitening. There are products you can purchase at the drug store. However, the products used by dentists are much stronger than commercial ones.

Change your brush often 

You must change your brush at least thrice a year. However, if you notice your brush is worn out before that, you should change it then. Try to look for a high-end toothbrush, which gets in between teeth and rids you of food particles.

Rinse with mouthwash if you cannot brush

After a dental procedure, you may not be able to brush teeth. However, you should ensure you rinse with mouthwash. This will help to prevent the buildup of bacteria, which could ruin your smile with time.

Improve your brushing technique

You need to brush your teeth for at least two minutes each day. Do not use too much force but ensure you use enough. Besides that, remember to scrub the tongue and gums as well. They also harbor bacteria and if not sorted out, the buildup could ruin your perfect smile.

Get rid of bruxism

Before you go to sleep, you should use a bite guard. It will help you avoid running your perfect smile by grinding teeth. The force usually causes the teeth to shift in position and it means your teeth will not form the perfect smile. A bite guard is not costly and it can do wonders for your teeth. Ask your dentist whether you need one.