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How to get someone to brush their teeth-10 Tips

How to get someone to brush their teeth-10 Tips 150 150 Tony

How to get someone to brush their teeth-10 Tips

Oral hygiene and positive dental habits may seem to be a challenge especially for children and adults as well. Many people don’t regularly brush their teeth and they don’t seem to care. This could be due to sheer laziness or not clearly understanding the dangers and long-term effects of not practising oral hygiene. However, Vita Dental Spring shares some few tips for both children and adults that can help to get your loved ones into this regular practice.

Starting out while young

Parents should model good behaviour for children because it is natural for them to follow exactly what their parents do. Setting a good example of brushing or flossing teeth everyday and showing them the right way of doing it while projecting excitement, makes them want to join and see how much fun you are having. Most routines that begin in childhood extend throughout adulthood.

Setting goals

This is by forming positive habits and a routine that they will practise even in future. Brushing teeth every morning is a known daily routine. Setting a small goal for instance such as remembering to brush at least twice a day, creates a feeling of fulfilment. Thereafter, you can build towards another goal of brushing after every meal.

Making it fun.

Children prefer to do something fun and not what seems like a hard task. During the brushing session, parents could participate by singing songs, making it like a contest then eventually celebrate when it is done. They could also give compliments afterwards offering encouragement which makes them more willing to brush better.

Show and explain the facts

Educate, give facts, and statistics on the effects of poor oral hygiene. For example, one can suffer from gingivitis, gum diseases, plaque or tooth pain. Another way to convince someone to brush their teeth is by being visual. Show them how their teeth look exactly by taking photos be it weekly or monthly as this will help to see progress and make changes where necessary.

Keep a tracker

This is especially great for children who are in the beginning stages of practising oral hygiene. A tracker helps show the progress one is making. By having a chart that will be marked daily whenever kids brush their teeth, enables them to form a habit that will be helpful to them in the long run.

Being honest

It may sound mean but it’s an issue that has to be addressed. Since no one wants to hear that their breath is stinking, sitting down and having a talk with the individual about their bad breath or yellow teeth may just be what they need to hear. Honesty in such circumstances is never easy but its effective in the long run, if it’s done calmly and correctly you may just be exactly what the other person wants to hear.

Seek help

Taking the individuals to or encourage them to visit the dentist. At this point, the dentists will do a check-up, do professional cleaning to ensure there are no damages to their gums and teeth. They are also in a better position to receive professional advice on practising good oral hygiene. Vita Dental Spring is a great place to start.

Being patient and determined

Exercising patience with a person who has oral hygiene issues is not easy especially for an adult. Adults feel that they are in control of their lives and a seemingly easy task such as brushing their teeth requires no follow-up. Persistence, determination, and frequent checkups on them can make a big difference in the journey towards establishing positive oral hygiene habits.

Freedom and independence

Allowing children to have choices while brushing their teeth keeps them entertained and they look forward to the activity because it is enjoyable. By giving them the freedom to choose their own favourite colour of toothbrush, featuring their favourite cartoon character or flavour of toothpaste, makes them feel they are part of the process and are playing a major role in their personal oral hygiene.

Reward positive behaviour

For each and every effort made to improve oral hygiene, praise and encouragement help them feel good about themselves and the milestones they are making. This boosts self-confidence because they will be able to do things without the fear of having bad breath or being ridiculed for having colored teeth. For children, parents could plan a special trip or fun activity when they stick to the developed routine. This sets them for a great lifetime of healthy teeth.

Despite being a challenge that is faced at places of work and in our households, establishing good oral hygiene habits not only helps keep our teeth healthy, it also minimizes some long-term effects like tooth loss, gum diseases, and promotes confidence and positivity. This is why it is important to encourage good habits more especially to children who are still growing.