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How to get someone to Brush their Teeth

How to get someone to Brush their Teeth 150 150 Tony

How to get someone to Brush their Teeth

One of the moments that leave one feeling refreshed during the day is after they have brushed their teeth. Brushing and flossing are pretty simple tasks that can be done simply and in just a matter of minutes. As simple as it may be, some people happen not to do it. Brushing their teeth seems never to be one of their daily priorities and they wouldn’t find it awkward having a mouth that stinks. They probably may not even notice it. Such people need a little motivation to improve their oral hygiene practices.

Brushing of one’s teeth is a habit that develops from childhood. If one didn’t see the importance of cleaning their teeth regularly while they were young, they probably wouldn’t see anything wrong with not brushing their teeth now when they are all grown up.

The good thing is that this habit can be changed. Here are some tips by Vita Dental you can employ to convince them that brushing their teeth is actually important.

1.    Be a good role model

Before you get someone to brush their teeth, first ensure that you do the same on a daily basis. You have to live by what you preach. Ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice every day and have visible benefits you can use to convince them of how important brushing your teeth is. If you go preaching to them about why they should brush their teeth while you have a bad odor coming out of your mouth, they will not listen to you.

2.    Be honest about their bad odor

Being honest is one of the strategies that almost has a guarantee of working. Tell the person with a bad odor that their breath smells very bad and that you are not comfortable having a conversation with them. You can exaggerate a little to make it really convincing and to make sure that they get to brush their teeth. However, it is important to do this in a good way to avoid this issue affecting your relationship.

3.    Spell to them the effects of not brushing teeth daily

Brushing of teeth is meant to make your teeth appear nice and, also, to prevent your overall health from deteriorating. There is an array of risks that one subjects themselves to when they don’t clean their teeth daily. They include bad odor, tooth decay, and possibly tooth loss. Get those persons to know the risks they are subjecting themselves to by not brushing their teeth. You can do more research online and be equipped with the necessary knowledge and information to pass to them. Chances are that they will change their habit once they know the dangers they are facing.

4.    Tell them that their teeth look ugly

Face the person and be honest about how ugly their teeth actually look like. The fact that they have not been brushing means that their teeth have accumulated a lot of food particles and tartar that makes them look ugly. Telling them that their teeth and their smile look ugly will definitely cause a behavioral shift in them. After that, show them just how good they would look like had they been brushing.

5.    Be consistent and persistent

Change of behavior does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort. You can get to be part of this change in their life by ensuring that you are consistently and persistently remind them of the need for them to brush their teeth. The more they hear about it, the more they will practice and change their behavior for good. Also, whenever they make an effort and brush, do not forget to commend them. This will give them the energy and motivation to keep on with the new practice. Criticism alone may not work.

6.    Book a dental appointment for them

Sometimes it might be necessary for you to take action on behalf of your friend or relative who doesn’t see the need to brush their teeth. One of the ways to do so is by booking a teeth cleaning appointment for them with your dentist and ensuring that they get there. You could probably take them to the dentist for the cleaning yourself. When they get their teeth cleaned and they get to experience the new and fresh feel of clean teeth, then that may just cause them to change their habit. The best way to go about this is bringing them to the dentist the same day you have your appointment too.

7.    Getting a second party to help

Sometimes even with your best effort, you may not be able to convince someone to change their behavior and start brushing. But when someone else they are not used to speaks to them, they just might listen to them. As such, if your efforts happen to bear no fruit, get your Family dentist or someone else who you are sure they will be able to convince your loved one to talk to them. They may be able to give a new perspective that resonates well with them.