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How to brush your teeth

How to brush your teeth 150 150 Tony

How to brush your teeth

One of the vital and important dental care routines is the brushing of teeth. Poorly and not brushed teeth may result into bad breath, tooth decay and many other dental complications.

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For white teeth and fresh breath, brushing of teeth should be systematic and orderly.

Below is; therefore, a guide on how to properly brush your teeth:

Get Yourself A Good Toothbrush

First, make sure you have the correct toothbrush with soft bristles. This is effective for removing plaque and debris. Toothbrushes with hard bristles can easily injure your gums resulting a dental problem called gingivitis. Alternatively, visit Vita Dental Spring for advice on better brushes.

The soft bristled brush should also have a sizeable head that can reach all teeth up to the molars at the back of the mouth.

Get A Fluoride Toothpaste

Alongside a toothbrush, toothpaste is also a key requirement of the process. Fluoride toothpaste is recommended since fluorine, the component used in manufacturing toothpaste removes plaque from teeth. Fluorine also helps in the development of stronger teeth and teeth enamel.

Apply toothpaste on your toothbrush

With the correct toothpaste and toothbrush, apply a small amount of toothbrush onto your brush. It should be noted that too much toothpaste increases the risk of swallowing the fluoride filled paste, which may lead to stomach complications.

Aim the Toothbrush at The Gum Line at An Angle Of 45 Degrees

With the toothbrush held at 45 degrees, brush the teeth in a gentle circular motion to avoid causing unnecessary pains to yourself. The brush should reach the inner and outer surfaces of your upper and lower teeth for maximum results. Be keen to avoid brush across your teeth

Take your time and spend two to three minutes brushing your teeth. Within this time, brush few teeth at ago, you can consider dividing your mouth into four parts: top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left for easier and faster brushing. Spending a minute on each part can be a better way of approaching the process.

Brush Your Molars

Position the toothbrush in a way such that it is perpendicular to your lips.

In an in-and-out motion, work the toothbrush through your teeth, and move from the back to the front of the mouth. During this period, bacteria will be dislocated from the surface; therefore, make some rotational movements of the brush to remove these bacteria.

Making rotational movements in and out will help to clean your molars well. When the bottom molars are clean enough, flip the brush and again make similar rotational movements on the top molars, both on the left and right sides of your mouth.

Brush the Inner Teeth Surface

The inner surface of the teeth is the commonly skipped area when brushing teeth. Flip the brush again and make sure is the head is pointing towards your gum line, then brush every tooth.

Gently, Brush Your Tongue

After cleaning the teeth, gently and carefully brush the tongue using the bristles of your toothbrush. Although many people overlook this step, brushing of the tongue is essential for oral care. This helps get rid of bacteria from the tongue hence, keeping bad breath at bay.

Be careful not to press the brush too hard against your tongue as it may cause tissue damage on the tongue.

After cleaning the tongue, spit out the paste from your mouth.

Rinse the Mouth Thoroughly

Take a sip of water from tap water or from a cup. Swish these waters all around your mouth and spit it out. Do this repeatedly until all the chloride toothpaste is spat out of your mouth as swallowing the paste may result in health problems.

Rinse Your Toothbrush

After rinsing the mouth, also rinse the brush. Hold it under running water or repeatedly pour water on it using a cup. This removes any bacteria that might have stuck on the brush while brushing.

Rinsing helps also to remove any toothpaste that might be leftover on the brush, as the left-over toothpaste may habitat other bacteria.

When done with rinsing the brush, hang it somewhere where it will dry out waiting for another time when it will be used.

Finish with A Mouthwash and Salt Water

Optionally, take a sip of fluoride-based mouthwash as swish it in your mouth for approximately 30 seconds, be careful not to ingest it.

after this stipulated time, spit out the mouthwash.

Though seldom, one can choose to rinse their mouth with salt water.

This water helps to kill the bad bacteria that remains on your teeth.

Remember to Brush At Least Three Times A Day

Many dentists recommended brush of teeth three times a day, one in the morning, after lunch time and after dinner.

Avoid eating too many snacks between meals as much as possible. This helps avoid building up more food debris and bacteria in the mouth.

After going through this procedure, one should now be able to brush their teeth properly and accordingly.

In case of any dental problems, you can book an appointment at Vita Dental Spring for medical assistance and checkup.