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How Summer Weather Can Cause Toothaches and Sensitivity

How Summer Weather Can Cause Toothaches and Sensitivity 150 150 Tony

How Summer Weather Can Cause Toothaches and Sensitivity

Summer is usually a great time to go on holiday and have fun with family and friends. However, summer can also have a huge effect on the teeth. We at Vita Dental Dentist in Spring Tx usually see cases of tooth sensitivity that can be attributed directly to the summer weather. Here are some of the ways in which the summer weather may cause tooth sensitivity.


In some cases, a sensitive tooth will react to extreme temperature. If the teeth were already having some problems, the heat could exacerbate the pain and make it quite sensitive. If you notice that you suddenly develop a toothache during summer, it might be time to visit a dental office. It is usually a sign that you already have a dental issue that is being activated by the hot weather.

High Risk of Micro Injuries

During summer, you are most likely to be playing outdoors, jumping around, and throwing balls. While playing outside, you might fall down and injure yourself. It is especially so if you are playing games that involve hurling some projectile or contact.

During the game, with high levels of adrenaline, you might not recognize the pain. However, with time, you might begin to feel some sensitivity and wonder where the pain is coming from. It might be from a small injury you got to the teeth, that has been made worse by repeated micro injuries.

Thus, it is important to wear a mouth guard and other safety gear while playing. This can help to avoid tooth sensitivity that forces you to visit the dentist. In some cases, the only cure will be to give you some pain medication and hope the pain goes away. Unless there is an obvious crack or cavity, our Vita Dental Spring dentists can do little if the pain is not excessive.

Eating Risker Foods

During summer, you are most likely going to increase the amount of sugar you take. Besides that, you are more likely to be taking cold sodas, which corrode your teeth. If this happens, it could cause you to experience more tooth sensitivity. Be sure that you watch what you eat, even though it is summer. Ensure that you swish water in your mouth after taking cold sugary meals like ice cream.

Besides that, instead of taking cold, sugary snacks and drinks all the time, you could try taking cold water. It works just as well in cooling your body and does not affect your oral health.

Poor oral care during summer

In the summer, you are most likely to have traveled. You will also be likely to sleep in and going partying late at night in the summer. During this time, your oral hygiene routine might suffer. The result is that there will be more bacteria swirling around in your mouth. These bacteria will eat bits of food in your mouth and release acidic waste.

If you do not start brushing and flossing as you normally do, it could cause tooth sensitivity as the bacteria colonies increase. Always ensure that you remember to brush and floss. Just because you are on holiday, does not mean dental hygiene can go on holiday. The good thing is that you can always get an app. This way, it will remind you when you need to brush or floss so that your teeth do not start aching.


A less obvious problem with the summer is dehydration. The body needs to stay hydrated, which also affects the oral health. If you are dehydrated, you will suffer from dry mouth. It means that sugars are not being washed away from your mouth by saliva.

It will mean that there is more food for bacteria in your mouth to thrive. It is up to you to ensure that you take enough water during summer. The good thing is there is an app that can help to stay hydrated. This way, your teeth, and gums are not being dried out and becoming breeding grounds for bacteria that cause tooth sensitivity. If you do not take action, the dehydration could cause gum disease and eventual loss of teeth.

Chewing on ice

A common problem that Vita Dental Spring dentists identify is people chewing on ice. In the summer months, it might seem like a good idea to chew on a chunk of ice to get as much cooling as possible. However, if you chew on ice, it could scrape against the enamel and chip off some of it.

Besides that, it could cause micro-fissures on the teeth, which lead to sensitivity. Instead of doing that, simply place a few ice cubes into a glass of water. It will be as effective in getting you the cooling you need.


Above are some of the ways in which summer can cause you to develop sensitivity. However, if you utilize these tips that Vita Dental Spring prepared, it could help you avoid tooth sensitivity. This way, you can spend your entire summer having fun instead.