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How often should you have a Dental Check-Up?

How often should you have a Dental Check-Up? 150 150 Tony

In the past people, never went for dental check-ups. The only people who went for check-ups were those considering joining the military.

People never saw the need of having their teeth in good shape. Additionally, the health sector was not offering the required assistance. There were no guidelines on when one needed to visit a dentist. In that time, many dentists considered only fixing the problems associated with dental issues.

They never saw the need of advising people to go for regular dental check-ups. Perhaps this was the reason there were many cases of dental problems among the people of that age. However, Vita Dental Spring is among the few institutions which came to change this narrative once and for all.

The Need for Check-Ups

With time, dental organizations and many dentists decided to set guidelines needed for the dental industry. However, they lacked a lot of information on how to go about it. Most of their policies relied on guesswork. Some were of the opinion that people needed to visit a dentist at least twice a year. Others argued that people needed to see a dentist only once a year. As such, there was a lot of confusion. They thus failed to give the members of the public the required direction.

When to Go For Check-Ups

With Vital Dental Spring, this problem is no longer an issue. Dr. Seung Hyung Son at Vita Spring Dental advises people to visit a dentist regularly. They should not wait for their teeth to develop some complications. However, this will depend on the oral hygiene of individual, eating and drinking habits and other medical conditions. The dentist advice that even if you take excellent care of your teeth, you still need check-ups.

Dentists from Vital Dental Spring are in a position to see what you cannot see or feel. People need to note that there are some dental problems which are not visible or even painful even at their advanced stages. Some of them include gum cavities and oral cancer. It is for this reason that Vita Dental Spring has provided an avenue for regular dental check-ups to all people.  Here, dentists such as Dr. Seung Hyung Son who has a lot of experience and knowledge in diagnosing and detecting dental conditions will attend to you. He will also help identify complications which cannot be readily determined by a regular dentist.

On average, people are recommended to visit a dentist at least twice a year. However, this is the recommended bare minimum. For maximum results, it is advisable for a person to visit a qualified dentist on a monthly basis.  Although some people make even fewer visits, always ensure that you see your dentist not less than two times a year. People who already have dental conditions or who are at the risk of contracting dental diseases need to have frequent visits. The dentist will be in a position to manage their conditions and prevent them from advancing to stages which are challenging to treat.

Advice from Vita Dental Spring

Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS from Vita Dental Spring has listed some of the people who are at the highest risk of contracting dental conditions. These include and are not limited to people with smoking habits, diabetic individuals, pregnant women and people who consume regular sugary foods. Also included in the list of high-risk individuals are the people who are currently suffering from gum diseases, people who are generally weak and are susceptible to bacterial infection and people who have cavities. If you happen to belong to the above groups and you are yet to see a dentist, please visit a reputable facility like the Vita Dental Spring for a comprehensive check-up.


Perhaps cost can be a significant hindrance for many people to visit a dental facility for regular check-ups. It should n’t be a reason to worry. Your health is incomparable with money. Vita Dental Spring has flexible payment plans which are affordable to anyone. You need to visit them, and you will be shown on the way forward.

Additionally, the facility has partnered with reputable insurance such as DentaQuest to ensure that you have excellent dental health. Just take an insurance cover with this firm and visit the facility. The facility also assists patients who are using the government Medicaid.

Changing Needs

People need to note that the schedule for visiting a dentist might change during an individual’s lifetime. For example, when a person is experiencing stress or an illness, it is advisable for such a person to increase the number of visits to a family dentist. Some infections can also affect the teeth, and this calls for the need to see a dentist.  Dentists like Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS from Vita Dental Spring will be in a position to diagnose any problem and help treat it before it becomes severe. For those who take good care of their teeth, they might not be having a lot of difficulties.