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How Much Does It Cost To Get a Crown?

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Crown? 150 150 Tony

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are one of the best options available at Vita Dental Spring that help to restore damaged teeth. Since the variables are unique in every patient, the prices cannot be the same.  Some of the factors that may create the cost variance include:

  • The preparation required
  • The number of dental crowns needed
  • The material used to make the  dental cap

If you want to save money when getting a dental crown, advance knowledge will come in handy. Vita Spring Tx Dentist provides you with a complete breakdown of pricing and how you can find inexpensive dental care.

While most insurance carriers may cover a part of the cost of getting your dental crowns, the treatment costs can be a factor when you are reviewing your dental care options. And the best way to find out how much you will be expected to pay is to schedule a consultation with Vita Dental Spring. Despite our prices being pocket-friendly, we do not compromise on the quality of service offered.

The Pricing Breakdown

Apart from the crown itself, there are also other costs that are related to the treatment. For instance, before you get a dental crown, you will need a dental exam, dental x-rays, a root canal or a dental implant.

A combination of the cost of these services may be significant. Without including other procedures required before getting a dental crown, the prices can range from between $500-3000 per tooth. However, dental insurance can significantly reduce these expenses meaning that you will be able to manage the out of pocket prices. 


Dental crowns used to replace damaged tooth are usually covered partially or in full. However, most insurance covers do not include dental crowns used for cosmetic purposes, as it is not considered a necessary medical procedure.

Other providers can limit the number of tooth restorations a patient can get in a year. We at Vita Dental Spring recommend that you call your insurance company for clarity, especially if you need multiple crowns.

Out of Pocket Payments

Patients who do not have insurance coverage for dental crowns will be required to pay more out-of-pocket for all-porcelain and all-ceramic crowns as compared to metal and porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. At Vita Dental Spring, we offer other financing options for patients who cannot afford to pay upfront.

If your tooth replacement doesn’t include any of the complementary procedures, you should consider yourself lucky.  It is essential to know your exact charges. At our facilities, we can sit down with you and help you understand the initial quotes so that you aren’t caught unawares when the final bill comes.

Dental Discount Plans

Dental discount plans are increasingly becoming popular and are considered one of the best ways to save money on dental crowns. They do not have maximum limits on coverage. Instead, they offer discounted percentages on as many procedures as you need. It’s easy to find a plan that’s right for you based on the treatment you need.

The Cost of Replacing a Dental Crown

There are times when your crown may become damaged due to poor dental habits, malocclusion, injury and normal wearing out.

Replacement costs will be almost the same as getting a new one. However, the only thing that can change is the cost of preparation. For instance, if the clinic charged you for tooth filling or contouring during your first crown treatment, then you don’t need to be billed again while restoring a damaged dental cap. That’s why it is essential to keep records and receipts to help you lower your treatment costs.

Dental insurances treat the cost of replacing a damaged crown differently, and you may want to consider the crown material you plan on using. Materials such as zirconia or metal are a good investment and could save you in the long run.

Saving Money on Dental Crowns

You can save money by finding inexpensive dental crowns; all you have to do is carry out some research. Many seniors who qualify to receive help from Medicaid can get restorative care like dental crowns. The states and federal government jointly fund Medicaid, meaning that each state has some flexibility on how they can benefit the elderly. It’s good to first discuss with those running the programs first to know what treatments are entitled to Medicaid.

As mentioned earlier, a medically necessary procedure for getting a crown receives partial coverage by most dental insurers. If you qualify for restoration, then it’s wise to divide your treatment process over two calendar years so that you get more out of your insurance plan. You can try having one session at the end of December and the other one at the beginning of the next year.

Most Americans are attempting to get dental crowns overseas.  Dental tourism, however, may be risky because you cannot be sure of the quality of service provided. If you are in Spring, TX, pass by Dentist In Spring Tx for tooth restoration treatments at pocket-friendly prices.  We accept payments from major creditors and credit card companies.

One final step is picking the tone of your dental crown which will ensure that it matches the rest of the teeth. Tone is especially important if it is a crown on the front teeth. On completion of the dental crown process, you can come in for the next appointment at Vita Dental Spring Tx for the fitting of the final dental cap.

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