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How Much Does a Dental Root Canal Cost?

How Much Does a Dental Root Canal Cost? 150 150 admin

How Much Does a Dental Root Canal Cost?

Dental root canal procedures are common today and they are used to treat a partially or completely infected tooth. Although this procedure is dominant among children, it is sometimes is applied to grown-ups to treat infected teeth. In a nutshell, the dental procedure is used to treat the tissue inside the root canal which when infected causes a lot of pain. The damaged part of the tissue is carefully removed during the process.

The cost of this procedure is of great concern to many. There are very many people today in the world that need to get Root canal treatment but are not aware of the costs and are scared to visit a dentist. Here is a comprehensive guide and explanation of the costs involved in root canal treatment;

The average cost of a root canal treatment is ranges from $200 all the way to $3,000 in America. There are various factors that contribute to this cost. Here is a breakdown of the factors that affect the cost of root canal treatment;

  1. The Tooth Infected

Depending on the tooth infected, the cost of the procedure differs. The tooth affected will dictate the complexity of the surgical procedure and the more complex a procedure is, the more you pay. Molars and premolars are normally very difficult to operate and will be charged a little higher than front teeth.

  1. Severity of the infection

There is normally a difference in the severity of the infection to the tooth. The severity of the root canal infection will affect the amount of tissue that the dentist will have to get rid of. The more infected a tooth or area is, the higher the cost of treatment. Sometimes multiple teeth are infected and this will mean more money paid for the treatment.

  1. Insurance

When the patient has insurance cover, there is a very big difference in the cost of root canal treatment. So big is the difference when one has insurance cover that they end up paying less than half what one who has no insurance will end up paying. If you are not on any medical insurance cover, then you might want to get cover before visiting a dentist. Otherwise, you will pay the ultimate price of literally paying a price double the designated cost.

  1. Crown material used

When a dentist removes the infected tissue from the tooth, a new crown is filled to protect the damaged area from getting infected again. There are very many materials used to make crowns. These include porcelain, metal and a mixture of both. Pure porcelain crowns are the most expensive followed by their metallic counterparts. Crowns made from mixing the two materials together are the cheapest and the most commonly used today.

When all these factors are combined; insurance, severity of the infection and material used to make crown, then the total cost is arrived at. It is important to always discuss with your dentist before the procedure to get a breakdown of the costs. The dentist you visit will also affect the total cost paid in the end; choose wisely.