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How many different Kinds of Dentist Are there?

How many different Kinds of Dentist Are there? 150 150 Tony

How many different Kinds of Dentist Are there?

When you think about dentistry, you will most likely visualize the family dentist whose office you often visit to have your teeth cleaned and get checkups. However, the dental profession is quite extensive with it having many specialists. If you are curious about what type of dentist you might find at Vita Dental spring, here is a list of the different dental experts.

General dentist

A general dentist or the family dentist takes care of your oral health on a routine basis. This is the most common dentist whose main work is prevention. To do this, he offers regular cleanings, x-rays, and education dissemination about dental care.

General dentists also engage in restorative care such as treating tooth decay with fillings. He also does repairs for chipped or cracked teeth and replaces any missing teeth. Additionally, the general dentist does teeth whitening. These dentists also treat gum disease and root issues below the gum line.

You will most likely meet such a dentist when you visit Vita Dental Spring.


You might know that the orthodontist is the one who gives you braces. However, they do more than that. In general, the orthodontist is concerned with aligning your misaligned teeth, jawbone, and other supporting structures for functional and cosmetic reasons. At Vita Dental Spring, you will find some of the most experienced orthodontists in Spring, TX.

These dental specialists work to improve your bite by designing custom oral devices such as clear dental aligners, braces, headgear, mouthguards, facemasks, and retainers. All of the devices work to improve the bone structure that is deformed and teeth with spacing issues.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

The oral and maxillofacial surgeon will focus on hard and soft tissues found around and inside the mouth. The tissues include cheeks, gums, hard palate, tongue, soft palate, facial tissues, and lips.

The surgeons are medically trained in a hospital after they complete their studies at a dental school. Thus, they are capable of performing major invasive surgeries such as complex tooth extractions, jaw corrections, or smoothing, which entails creating a foundation for false teeth.

These surgeons are also called upon to perform reconstructive surgery, cleft lip surgery, cleft palate surgery, and sometimes, cancerous tissues extraction, biopsies, facial infections, and even sleep apnea treatment.

These oral surgeons lay the groundwork for dental work such as surgical improvements needed before oral appliances or cosmetic procedures are done.


A periodontist focuses on the gums. He or she is concerned with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various gum problems. These experts are also tasked with treating extreme pain and inflammation, treating or diagnosing extensive gum disease, installing implants, and performing cosmetic skin grafts on the gums. If you visit Vita Dental Spring, you can easily access a periodontist.

In general, if there is anything that needs extensive work on the gums, the periodontist will usually be involved. However, a huge part of their work is dealing with gum disease. Thus, these specialist dentists often advise the general dentist on treatment plans that work with the lifestyle of a specific patient.


As the title suggests, the prosthodontist is responsible for providing oral prostheses that is replacing decayed, damaged, or missing teeth. These prostheses are false teeth appliances that include bridges, dentures, veneers, and crowns.

The teeth replacements are usually cosmetic and functional since they greatly improve the ability to chew, speak, and bite safely and effectively. Sometimes, the term smile makeover is used in relation with these dental specialists. It usually entails a total overhaul of the visual appearance of a smile.

Prosthodontists are usually called upon for both cosmetic cases and for cases of post-trauma reconstruction. They often work closely with dental laboratories to create oral appliances and false teeth, which ensure that the quality and customization of the prosthesis are the perfect fit for every patient.


The inner part of the tooth that is protected by the enamel and the dentine is called the pulp. This section of the tooth is soft and it is made up of living tissues that have nerves. The endodontist will focus on this section.

The pulp of the tooth is prone to damage and can become rotten, inflamed, or rotten due to injury, decay, or trauma. As a result, it might have to be removed or treated. However, if it cannot be saved, a root canal is performed. A root canal is one of the most common procedures that endodontists perform.

Pediatric dentist

This dentist deals in the treatment and prevention of dental disease in children. Thus, if your little one has tooth problems, a pediatric visit is necessary. These specialists deal with oral health care from infancy to their teenage years.

Oral Pathologist

The oral pathologist specializes in the study of the different causes of disease, which occur in the mouth. They also study the diseases, which change the teeth, lip, jaw, and cheek structures. They will biopsy the area of concern ad test them to determine the condition. If you have a dental issue, we at Vita Dental Spring can refer you to the right expert or we will have one at our offices.