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How long should you wear your Invisalign aligners daily?

How long should you wear your Invisalign aligners daily? 150 150 Tony

How long should you wear your Invisalign aligners daily?

Consider yourself pushing a ball up a steep road. The small force that you apply on the ball gradually will get you up to the desired point. On the other hand, if you stopped applying a force on the ball, the ball will roll back to its initial position. This scenario can be used to demonstrate the impact of having Invisalign aligners on your teeth.

The aligners exert a small force on your teeth day in day out. As long as you keep on wearing them, the small force applied to the teeth will help them roll back to a specific desired position.

Patients can remove aligners at any times. This, therefore, implies that there are chances where patients can fail to wear them accordingly as stipulated by dentists.

With this concept in mind, many people ask themselves for how long should one, therefore, wear Invisalign aligners in a day to achieve the desired position?

Vita Dental Spring advice patients to wear their aligners for a minimum of twenty-two hours a day. Although this seems to be a lot of time, the more you wear them, the more they are likely to work well and move your teeth to a better position. During this time, the aligners continuously move along the teeth. This constant movement guides your teeth to the desired positions.

After a specified period, usually two weeks, the old aligners are changed, and a new set is used. This means failure to wear the aligners for hours recommended will make the teeth not move to a new location faster. Therefore, two weeks later when the new set is introduced, the teeth might not be ready for these new set of aligners.

The failure to wear them regularly may compromise the treatment process. This, in turn, affects the duration that the whole process was to take. As much as patients wear aligners for twenty to twenty-four hours a day, there are sometimes when patients have to remove them to do a particular task.

Patients can, therefore, remove these aligners during any of the following instances:

When Having Meals

Eating while wearing Invisalign can be an uphill task. However robust the aligner may be, it is advisable to remove them during meals. Since sometimes the food require heavy chewing, the food particles can easily damage the aligner. Any small damage on the aligner can prevent it from adequately aligning your teeth.

When eating meals, plaque and other solid food substances can easily stick along the aligners. This may in turn cause bacteria in your mouth. To avoid this from happening it is advisable to remove aligners when eating. Furthermore, after eating, one will have to brush their teeth. Brushing with aligners on can be very tedious. Therefore, removing them might be the best solution available.

Wearing of aligners does not accompany with it feeding on a particular type of diet. This is why removing them before eating will help a patient eat any food without fear of injury to the teeth.

When Engaging in A Vigorous Sporting Activity

Some patients who wear aligners engage themselves in sports. Vigorous sports will require one to remove the aligners to prevent them from breaking.

When Drinking Hot and Cold Beverages

When the Invisalign aligner is exposed to hot liquids and drinks repeatedly, the aligner is likely to get distorted easily. When the aligners are damaged, they change shape, and this eventually affects the way they will straighten the teeth.

Apart from distorting the aligner, these fluids may contain acidic components. These may cause the teeth to ‘bathe’ in the acid. They lead to wearing out of the tooth enamel, and this can be problematic.

Nevertheless, in the case of aligner distortion due to hot beverages contact Vita Dental Spring for assistance.

During Cleaning of The Invisalign Aligner

When in the mouth, the aligner comes into contact with different and many bacteria. These bacteria can, therefore, be removed only by thoroughly washing the Invisalign aligners. During this period, it is advisable to remove the aligner, clean them before putting them back into the mouth.

The only way through which you will get fascinating and fast results is by occasionally wearing your aligners for the time specified by the dentist. Vita Dental Spring recommend that during the first two days, keep the aligners on for the whole day. It is during this time that you get used to the feeling of wearing them. Once the two days are over, observe the twenty to twenty-two hours timeframe for useful and best alignment of your teeth.

Using Invisalign provides maximum results only when proper instructions on how to use them are observed. These instructions have minimal impacts on your routine life, and it is unthinkable for one to fail to observe these instructions.

Above all, regular checkups from your dentists are vital. The dentist will tell you on the progress of the whole treatment process.