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How Long Does A Dental Check-Up Take?

How Long Does A Dental Check-Up Take? 150 150 Tony

How Long Does A Dental Check-Up Take?

It is essential that you visit the dentist at least once a year, even when you do not have any problems with your teeth. If you do not, you should start doing it, as it could help you to save considerable costs regarding getting dental issues treated. If you live in the Spring, TX area, you can visit us at Vita Dental Spring for a dental checkup. We will discuss what to expect during the checkup and how long it will take.

How Long Will It Take

The amount of time a dental checkup takes will depend on various factors. For one, it might take longer if you have a lot of plaque buildup. Besides that, if you have any gum infections, it might take longer. However, if you do not have any alarming issues, we at Vita Dental Spring could take as little as 30 minutes. Here is what you should expect when you come in for a checkup at Vita Dental Spring.

The Receptionist

Once you get to Vita Dental Spring, the first person you will see is the receptionist. They will ensure that you know where to go when you are in the office. They will also help to coordinate the payments for you and notify you when it is your turn.  We have a professional and friendly receptionist at Vita Dental Spring who understands how to handle every patient.

The Hygienist

After the receptionist, you will see the hygienist where you will spend most of your time. The hygienist handles things such as dental cleaning, and they may assist the dentist in other procedures.

Your History

Before doing any procedure on your mouth, a hygienist will examine your medical history if it is the first appointment at our dental practice. For instance, he or she will check whether you have any allergies, are pregnant, or anything else that may cause an incident.

Teeth Cleaning

Now your medical history is known, the work inside your mouth can start. The first move is to clean the teeth thoroughly. The procedure begins by scarping off tartar from your teeth. Every tooth will then be flossed to remove at food particles. We will also give the teeth a shiny finish with the help of a tooth polished. The polish will remove any overlook residue thereby ensuring that plaque doesn’t collect on your teeth.

Examining the Teeth

After cleaning the teeth, the hygienist will examine each toot slowly. A metal probe with an angled mirror is used to see behind and between the teeth. Besides that, the probe will check for softening of the enamel and dentine.

Dental X-Rays

The last step is x-rays of the mouth. This way, the dentist can tell if there are any issues, which exist below the surface. It will entail biting down on a piece of plastic while an x-ray machine is moving against the cheek. The image will show the roots of the teeth that are below the gum line. Your jawbone will also be seen, which will help the dentist know what is happening with your mouth.

Dental Exam

The dental exam is different from the first examination by the hygienist. They will use an x-ray to see if any bone loss has occurred. It will also check for oral cancer. In general, the dentist will feel the jawbones from the outside while you bite down.

Doing this will ensure that the bite is smooth, aligned and there is not popping from the jaw joints. The dentist will also inspect the groves of the teeth to see if they have cracked or are worn down due to grinding. The dentist will even feel your neck and jaw to check for oral cancer.

These checkups will give the dentist a full picture of your oral health needs. He or she will prescribe the right treatment to prevent or treat any problems.

Results and Advice

After your exam, the dentist will let you know what is happening in your mouth. Sometimes, this could entail another dental appointment for a procedure to deal with the issue. In other cases, the dentist will give you tips on what you can do at home. It is vital that you follow all the advice you get if you want good oral health.

Future Appointments

The final step of the checkup is to schedule appointments for the next six months. The next appointment is scheduled right away to ensure that you do not forget to come in for your session. Even if you brush and floss daily, there is no better protection from oral problems than having the mouth cleaned professionally.


If you have any questions about your next appointment, be sure to call the dental office. Our dental office is always ready to answer your questions. Besides that, if you think you have a dental issue before the next dental appointment, you should schedule for a consultation.