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How Do You Know When You Need a Root Canal Procedure?

How Do You Know When You Need a Root Canal Procedure? 150 150 Tony

How Do You Know When You Need a Root Canal Procedure?

The term ‘root canal’ usually comes with negative connotations. Most people have a false belief that it is a painful procedure. Many people will actively avoid the dental clinic such as Vita Dental Spring since they want to avoid a root canal. However, avoiding a root canal could be doing more harm than good.

For one, the infection could spread into the blood. When this happens, it could cause blood poisoning, and affect other internal organs. Moreover, the infection could spread to other teeth. This might mean that you have to get costly surgery. If you suspect you require a root canal, do not hesitate. Here are the top reasons why we at Vita Dental Spring give root canals to our patients. 

What Is Dental Pulp?

For you to understand a root canal, we at Vita Dental Spring will first explain the dental pulp. The dental pulp is a soft area at the center of the tooth. It contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. The nerve of each tooth is in the root or legs of each tooth.

The nerve is not important in the healthy function of a tooth that is fully emerged. It only offers sensations of heat and cold. However, it has no effect on how the tooth functions. Despite this, once the pulp is removed during the root canal, the tooth is less viable. It becomes more prone to fracturing.

Why Is The Pulp Removed?

Once the pulp is damaged, it breaks down, and bacteria start to grow within its chamber. This bacteria and remnants of the pulp can cause an infection in the mouth. It often manifests as an abscess. This is a pocket filled with pus, which forms at the end of the root.

The infection may cause further problems such as:

  • Swelling which spread to the neck, face, or head
  • Bone loss around the root
  • Draining of pulp into neighboring skin

Signs That the Root Canal Is Needed

Not all cases are treated with a root canal. However, if you have any of these symptoms, it might be time to get the root canal.

  • Repeated Cavities On The Same Tooth

In most cases, a dentist will treat a cavity with a dental cleaning and medication. However, the dentist might notice that after the first treatment, the cavity remerges. In such a case, we may recommend a root canal for the third time. This is done to ensure the tooth retains its function and the cavity does not spread to neighboring teeth.

  • An X-Ray Reveals The Root Is Fractured

Once you are involved in an accident during sports or while on the road, various x-rays are taken. If the dentist finds that your tooth is fractured, it is best to order a root canal right there and then. He or she may not have to wait until you begin groaning in agony, the best remedy is to deal with the issue even before it gives you any pain.

  • Your Tooth Is In Extreme Pain

In some cases, your tooth could start hurting all on its own. In such a case, it might be caused by drinking extremely cold drinks or biting on hard things. This causes small fractures, which let bacteria in and infect the pulp. In some cases, the fractures are tiny they cannot be seen on an x-ray. However, the dentist at Vita Dental Spring will perform a root canal to end your pain. It will kill the nerve but ensure you can continue using the tooth to chew.

  • Your Tooth Is Broken

While out playing or while riding a bike, it is easy to trip and break your teeth. This is especially so if you do not use a mouth guard. When this happens, the break might be so extensive that it reaches the dentin. The best solution in such an incident is a root canal. Without a root canal, even a filling might not be effective in stopping infection with time. Thus, a doctor may choose to perform a root canal instead of waiting for the tooth to become infected.

  • You Are Scheduled To Get A Crown

Crowns are often used for various reasons. However, we at Vita Dental Spring might have to perform a root canal just before giving you a crown. This helps to ensure there is no chance of infection once the crown is in place. It is much harder to perform the root canal once the crown is intact.

  • A Persistent Large Pimple On The Gums

Sometimes a root canal does not cause any pain. However, the dentist might notice that there is a huge pimple on the gum that seems to have formed quite rapidly. In such a case, the best treatment is a root canal. This is usually a sign that the nearby tooth is infected. As a result, it starts to leak bacteria into the gum tissue, causing it to swell.