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How Dentists fix Chipped Teeth in Spring Texas

How Dentists fix Chipped Teeth in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

How Dentists fix Chipped Teeth in Spring Texas

Chipped teeth are the most common dental problems people have. The chipped teeth can be as a result of some factors like using your teeth to open bottles, biting hard thing and eating foods that are hard to chew. They usually result in a lot of pain, primarily when you consume hot or freezing stuff. It is typically essential to fix a chipped tooth fast to prevent the damage from spreading and extending your suffering. When you visit your dentist, there usually are some options availed to you.

Dental Implants

Today, dental implants stand as the most preferred option for tooth replacement. The procedure involves the replacement of the whole tooth, and hence it is applicable if your chipped part of the tooth is a significant part of the entire tooth. The procedure is suitable, also, in cases where one’s tooth or teeth has cracked in the area bordering the gumline. Dental implant treatment is a relatively long. Normally it takes at least three dental appointments. The first meeting usually involves preliminary assessment. It is when your eligibility status is determined, and the structure of your teeth and bite noted.

The second dental appointment is usually the surgical appointment. The dentist often administers anesthesia and sedatives then drills a hole in the jawbone where the tooth is to be replaced. A post made from titanium is then inserted into the drilled jawbone and left to integrate into the structure of the jawbone. The process by which the molecules of the jawbone attach themselves to the implant post is called osseointegration. It usually takes about two months to complete.

After the two months, a patient goes in for the third appointment during which an artificial crown made in conformance with their tooth structure and bite is attached. The entire process takes about seven months or more to be complete.


Veneers are the most suitable option if your chipped tooth is more of a cosmetic issue. The procedure involves the dentist covering the chipped teeth with porcelain covers to yield a tooth surface that is smooth and natural-looking. Veneers are quite a good option if the chipped teeth are small in number; say one tooth or two. Otherwise, it is quite an expensive option. They, however, last up to 20 years proving to be a good solution for fixing chipped teeth.