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How Dentists do Crowns

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How Dentists do Crowns

The making of the crown

The processes mentioned up to this point are usually done within just one appointment with the dentist. The molding of the crown happens between the first and second meeting. It is where the impressions that were taken come into play. The impressions are usually sent to the dental laboratory and used to fabricate your crown. The process takes up to two weeks if they are fabricated from a dental laboratory. However, the use of advanced technology allows the fabrication of the crown from the dentist’s office and takes less than two hours. The dentist usually uses a ceramic shade that has the same color as your other teeth.

If you have to wait for the two weeks, you will have to put on temporaries to help protect your tooth and help hold them in their position. The temporaries can be metallic or plastic. They are usually cemented into position using temporary cement for easy removability.

Appointment for crown placement

Once the crown has been fabricated, you can now visit the dentist. The temporary crown is removed, and the remnants of the temporary cement are then thoroughly cleaned off. Once the location is ready, the dentist first evaluates the appearance and the fit of the fabricated crown before they cement it into position. It is just to ensure that the crown looks right. Once the dentist is satisfied with the crown, he/she goes ahead to fit it into position. Crown cement is placed inside the crown first. The crown is then seated over your tooth and left to settle. After a few moments of settling, the dentist will scrape off any excess cement that may have extruded from the inside of the crown.

Once this is done, the crowning process is complete. All that is left is for you to take measures to protect your new crown.