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How Dental Braces Work? Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

How Dental Braces Work? Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best? 150 150 Tony

How Dental Braces Work? Why Is Vita Dental Spring Best?

In today’s world, it is very common to see adults, teenagers, and kids with braces. People are generally aware of the use of braces but do not know how the braces actually work. Braces are quite an investment but are fitted to help straighten crooked or misaligned teeth which eventually improves the smile and quality of life.

So How Do Braces Work? How Do They Move Teeth?

Teeth are moved by various techniques. For this reason, orthodontists analyze and determine the correction procedure at a personalized level. The decision to use the braces is determined by an orthodontist, he or she will take you through the journey and when the time comes to remove the braces, the orthodontist will determine the exact time. Little known to most people, below is an explanation of how braces help with the movement of teeth.

Brackets Designs

An orthodontist will study and analyze your tooth structure and determine which of your teeth requires to be repositioned. A bracket will be placed on every tooth that needs to be moved. A bracket is a rectangular-like object that is normally placed on the tooth and has a space in which a wire is passed and connected to another bracket. Brackets come in various materials including stainless steel, glass, and ceramic.

The archwire passed through the bracket should be properly positioned since it determines which direction the tooth will move. Mostly they come in metal material that pulls the teeth in the right direction to become straight. Throughout the treatment procedure, you will be required to head to the orthodontist’s office for archwire adjustment. The wires need to be tight throughout to bring the teeth into the desired posture. Once the teeth move a bit after say three weeks, the wire becomes loose hence needs adjustment to maintain the pressure needed to move the targeted tooth.

On the other hand, orthodontic bands wrap around certain teeth mostly the molars to provide with an anchor for the brackets. Orthodontic bands are not used in all patients some just need the brackets and archwires to arrive at the desired teeth alignment. The bands mostly come in stainless steel material cemented to the teeth with bonding agents.    


Elastics have three uses in braces. First and foremost, they are used to help protect the wire into the brace but only if the brace is self-ligating. Secondly, elastics close in spaces in the slots in the brackets which eventually help in tightening the archwires. For those who also need to correct underbites or overbites, elastics are fitted in between jaws. 

Bone Response

Tooth movement is made possible by the alveolar bone. Once the moving pressure is applied to the tooth, it is exerted to the gum tissue that holds the tooth root in place. Around the same time, the pressure is exerted on certain cells such as the osteoclasts that move to create space for the moving tooth. On the other hand, cells such as osteoblasts create new bone tissue in the space left by the moving root. Bone resorption and deposition has to be constant in order to create uniform tooth movement.

How Do Braces Work Faster?

Once the braces are fixed, nothing much can be done medically to speed the treatment. However, there are tips that could help cut short the process.

Avoiding Too Hard Foods

Hard foods put unnecessary pressure on teeth which may elongate periods required to move the teeth to the desired positions. Some hard foods such as sugar cane may break brackets or break teeth which eventually elongates the bracing period when trying to fix the damages caused.

Deviating From Orthodontist’s Instructions

If one deviates from the instructions given by the orthodontist, it may take longer for the braces to bring the teeth into proper alignment. Also skipping scheduled orthodontic appointment may tamper with the treatment period. These appointments normally entail the tightening of the archwire and bracket, archwire replacing procedures.

High Oral Hygiene Levels

With gum diseases and dental cavities, the braces treatment will fail. Luckily, the orthodontist has to conduct a dental exam that will determine if you are a good candidate for braces. Braces cannot align teeth that are falling off due to cavities and diseases. Healthy teeth are the best for brace treatment.

Why Is Vita Dental The Best?

Fitting braces and waiting for months anxiously for the results could be devastating if the results don’t come out right. At Vita Dental Spring, they have highly qualified orthodontists and dentists who are dedicated to producing the best results in dental services and treatments. The orthodontists strive to restore smiles to every patient who goes to the clinic for braces. The clinic is also dedicated to following up patient’s progress and recovery in improving the quality of life of every patient that goes through the Vita Dental Spring entrance door. Book your appointment today.