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How Braces Affect Lips?

How Braces Affect Lips? 150 150 admin

Braces are life-savers. Unless you have had to endure wearing them for a year or so, you will never appreciate their importance! Braces change lives! Braces don’t just help shape teeth, braces help shape careers! I have told many of our clients that very many Hollywood actors and celebrities can only afford a smile today because they have had to put up with the small extra accessories in their mouths! The fate of very many people who are in the entertainment industry and many other industries would have been very different had it not been for braces.

Good are they are, Dental braces still get a lot of loathing and detesting from very many people. The amount of hate that braces get in online blogs and tabloids is immeasurable. Considering how they can help you change your life for the better, the hate that braces get is unwarranted to say the least. Braces will not only improve your bite but will help you attain better oral health. They will help you attain a better bite, a straight smile and above all a well-aligned set of teeth that everyone will admire. This however, I must admit, comes at a price!

Braces are not only costly but cause a significant amount of conveniences. Although the final outcome and ramifications of wearing braces outweighs the setbacks, braces can still be a pain. They are not particularly comfortable to walk around in. If you have the traditional metal braces on especially, you will have to put up with some significant amounts of vexation. You will have to change your eating habits, be more cautious when brushing teeth, smile with a ‘limit’ if you are shy about people seeing your braces and visit the dentist a couple of times in a month. Although these inconveniences are all things you can put up with easily, they still affect the way you live your life.

One major issue that very many patients here at Vita Dental normally raise after getting braces, is the fact that the braces affect the shape and position of their lips. Models and ladies especially are very concerned about the effects of braces on their lips and their final facial look. Some of our clients are even scared of getting braces because they believe they will change their looks by affecting the lips. We want to look in detail about the effects of braces on lips and give you a reason not to worry about them.

Effect of braces on lips

Your teeth and lips are connected by a muscular attachment called a maxillary labial fraenum. The maxillary labial fraenum connects the inside of your upper lip to your gums just above the two upper front teeth. As we all know, braces work by either pushing back the position of the front teeth so that the teeth will be aligned properly. In some rare cases, the front teeth are in an awkward position just behind the other teeth and need to be pulled back to the front.

When the braces start taking effect and the front teeth move backwards, thanks to the maxillary labial fraenum, the lips will follow. If the front teeth are equally moved forward, the lips will also move forward. Depending on the original position of your front teeth and the distance they need to move back or forward to the desired position, the final position of your lips may make them look too protrusive. Some lips look bigger than they originally were but in truth it’s just about a change of position.

Although most people start experiencing protrusive or retracted lips after a month or so after their braces are removed, some start as early as a month after they have been installed. People who are conscious about their lip appearance and facial aesthetics are bothered by even the slightest of changes in their lip position and keep the orthodontists on their toes trying to correct the situation. Should you be worried about lip retraction?

Well, it’s your appearance and you have a right to ask your orthodontist whenever you feel like your facial aesthetics have been compromised. There are very many solutions that are used to correct these situations and you should therefore not be worried much. The orthodontist can use retainers to slightly adjust your teeth again for proportionality while others go to the extents of extracting teeth.

Here at Vita Dental care in Katy, we discuss fully with you and notify you about the potential ramifications before we put the braces in place. In case you experience the lip retraction or protruding lips, we always work our socks off to ensure that you have a look that matches your personality. We don’t compromise with your looks and always ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results. You should therefore not be worried at all. Give us a call at  +1-713-766-1208 or visit our Houston offices to get more information about dental braces and how they will affect your lips.