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Get dental implants without drilling – 10 Things You Should Know

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Dental implants are quickly gaining popularity as the best tooth replacement techniques. Thanks to technological advancements in the dental field, new methods are being generated for less invasive procedures. Naturally, many patients, especially children, are afraid of going through drilling procedure to have their teeth replaced. For this reason, Vita Dental focuses on dental implant procedures without drilling.

The Replicate System

The replicate system is faster than traditional dental implant procedures and only takes around six months. During the first appointment, the dentists obtain a physical or digital dimension of the tooth, and also take a 3-D X-ray. These images are used during the creation of a replica.

During the second appointment, the rotten tooth is extracted and immediately replaced with a replica. However, a temporary protective crown is placed to protect the healing tooth. Afterwards, a period of approximately six months is given for healing and bonding to take place. In the final appointment, the dentist extracts the temporary crown and replaces it with a permanent one.

 What are the Advantages?
  • There is immediate replacement of the missing tooth, therefore, preventing bone loss
  • The tooth is a replica of the older tooth, and thus fits into space perfectly
  • No drilling is required
  • A reduced number of appointments with the dentist
  • There is no damage to adjacent teeth
 What are the Disadvantages?
  • The original tooth has to be present for the procedure to take place.


This is an entirely ceramic, full replica of the natural tooth that is put in place when the original tooth is removed. Bio-implants have rough surfaces to enhance osseointegration. The implant is also highly biocompatible and does not require drilling. It is therefore ideal for patients who wish to have a quick procedure and fast recoveries.

What are the Advantages?
  • Completely metal free since no screws are involved
  • It fits the socket perfectly, hence leaving the anatomy intact. The implant does not require filling of the cavity before installation.
  • Osseointegration is enhanced due to the rough texture of the bio-implant
  • Fewer dental procedures since the tooth is placed after extraction
  • No bone loss hence no need for bone grafting
  • Avoids invasive procedures such as flap lifts which may have complications thereafter.
What are the Disadvantages?
  • The technology is not widespread and therefore costly and challenging to access from most locations. However, we at Vita Dental will provide you with the information you need before making a final decision

 Laser Technology

This is the use of laser beams during dental procedures. Instead of using drills to cut through tissue and bone, some dentists use laser beams which provide accuracy and less discomfort. Once the hole is drilled, the implant can safely be installed.

What are the Benefits of Using Laser?
  • Specific procedures do not require anesthesia.
  • Minimal tissue and bone damage.
  • Sutures are not required since there is limited tissue damage.
  • High precision and less discomfort during drilling of pilot holes.
What are the Disadvantages?
  • The use of lasers requires training and is therefore limited to specialists.

No-Drill Implant Procedure

This procedure involves the use of an OsteoConverter. Immediately after the extraction of a tooth, the OsteoConverter is installed in a spiraling motion. First, the movement scores the periodontal ligament allowing blood and bone forming cells into the site for faster osseointegration. Secondly, the curvature of the root is changed into more of a cylindrical shape to accommodate the implant.

What are the Advantages?
  • Drilling does not take place hence the natural bone form is maintained.
  • The implant is installed immediately after tooth extraction, therefore, reducing the number of appointments required.
  • There is no bone loss, hence eliminating the need for bone grafting.
What are the General Advantages of None-Drilling Procedures?
  • Patients can avoid trauma associated with drilling
  • Reduced blood loss since the procedures are less invasive
  • The procedures take less time than traditional implants
  • Each procedure has a shorter healing time and is more comfortable than drilling
What are the Disadvantages of None-drilling Procedures?
  • The procedure requires the original tooth to be present.
  • The procedures are primarily conducted by specialists and patients who can only afford general practitioners are still left out
  • Research into some systems, e.g., Bio-Implants is still
  • Some of the procedures require the presence of original teeth and are therefore limited to specific patients
  • Patient’s should ensure that their dentists are well trained in each procedure before selection. For example, mistakes made during laser surgeries could lead to permanent damage and cause more pain for the patient.

Getting dental implants without drilling has been made possible through teeth replicas, laser technology, Bio-Implants, and OsteoConverters. Each of these procedures allows patients to get dental implants without traumatic drilling experiences. However, before making a decision, it is essential to seek advice from a qualified dentist.

Vita Dental is dedicated to providing modern and practical solutions to all your dental problems. For more information and bookings, contact us today through our website.


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