10 Tips: Can You Get Dental Implants Without Using CT Scan?
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Get Dental Implants without CT Scan – 10 Tips

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Involvement of CT Scan for Dental Implants

Traditionally, dentists only relied on the two-dimensional x-rays to settle on the type of implant placement best suited for a patient. Technology has improvised the system with the introduction of the 3D Computerized Tomography Scans shortly known as CT Scans.

These CT scans have become a top notch method in dental implant diagnosis and treatment process. Scans generally show the volume, the density of bones and some show the presence of structures such as sinuses and nerves. Do patients have to use the CT scan for dental implants?

  1. Pre-Procedure Evaluation

It should be noted that not all dental practices are equipped with the CT scans. Your dentist should highlight all the gritty details about the procedure where he gets to determine if you need special or additional examination before proceeding to the next step. If the structure of your bone from the available scans show that you are safe to proceed for the implant, there is no need to have a CT scan.

  1. Previous Health Records

Your health records should describe a healthy individual eliminating the need to take any further CT scans apart from the plain X-Rays that are necessary for taking the details of the structure of your mouth, teeth, and jawbones. If there are previous issues in your dental health records, let your dentist administer tests showing the level of damage to determine if further CT scans are necessary.

  1. Budget

CT scans use top-notch technology that combines several X-Ray views from various angles. For this reason, the CT scan attracts enormous costs. If your pocket cannot allow such spending, the normal X-Ray will do the trick provided your dentist takes you through every step with the best procedure. Traditionally dental implants have been fitted with the normal X-Ray.

  1. Radiation Dose

The dental radiation dose emitted during the CT scan has always been a major concern for both dentists and patients. However, this reason is also a worry in the traditional imaging. It is advisable that you visit reputable dental clinics such as Vita Family Dental Spring that have dentists who understand and use the right principles when handling patients during scans.

  1. In Search Of Convenience

Dental procedures mainly pose a fear factor in most patients where most feel the urge to have the procedure done immediately. Most dental clinics have the simple two-dimensional scans readily available. A patient needs not to struggle in search of a simple two-dimensional scanner. The two-dimensional scan completes the job just as perfect save for the tiniest of details where the patient may require a deeper diagnosis before the implant treatment. If your bone structure is strong enough for the dental implant procedure, the plain X-Rays will work just fine.

  1. Go For The Best

CT scans eliminate any errors caused by manual dental placements by displaying detailed data such as nerve proximity, nasal cavities, buccolingual dimensions and other tiny anatomical landmarks. However, dentists with long-term experience are perfect with freehand implant placement. Once you seek the best services in your location with the best dentists, you get to have a safe implant placement with minimal possible risks even without the use of the CT scan.

  1. Regular Visits To The Dentist

Regular checkups to your dentist will help detect any hidden problems with your implants. Early detection will help rectify any probable problems preventing you from taking the CT scans. In the case where the dental infections intensify, you will need to take a CT scan for the dentist to study the slices on your dental structure, therefore, identifying a solution.

  1. Proper Care For The Dental Implants

In some cases, implants get displaced or shift out of position hence interfering with other anatomical structures around the mouth. Such displacements call the need to take CT scans to study the level of interference the dental implant may have caused. Proper care for the dental implants until they heal will reduce your chances of taking a CT scan.

  1. Oral Hygiene

Proper oral hygiene prevents possible infections from spreading from the dental structure to the gums and down to the bone structure. Infections predispose the anatomical structures to infections hence resulting in damages that require rectification. In critical cases, CT scans are necessary to detect underlying damages caused by the dental infections.

  1. Type Of Procedure

There are many types of dental implants that take various time frames to complete and heal. Simple dental implant procedures do not necessarily require CT scans. With a step to step treatment plan, your dentist should be in a position to advise whether the necessity of a CT scan is vital in your situation. The procedure is pre-determined by how many teeth need replacement. The more the teeth, the more exposed you are to taking a CT scan.

In conclusion, CT scans give more detailed data, but this does not rule out the two-dimensional scanners. Your dental service givers should take you through the process.

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