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Get Dental Implants Without Crowns – 10 Tips

Get Dental Implants Without Crowns – 10 Tips 150 150 Sophy

Getting Dental Implants Without Crowns

Dental implants are strong and stable making them similar to natural teeth. The fact is that dental implants are built to last a lifetime. The implants are therefore cost-effective in the long-term. Can one get dental implants without crowns? Below are ten tips on getting dental implants without crowns courtesy of Vita Dental Spring.

Vita Dental’s Tips

  1. Get the Right Specialist for The Dental Implant

Getting dental implants without crowns needs an experienced dentist who has all the relevant knowledge. Having the right specialist do the job will reduce your chances of having significant pain after the procedure. The dentist will also put measures to ensure that the adjacent teeth do not shift into the space created, thus preventing any likely problems that would occur in future.

  1. Affordable

You do not have to incur the extra cost of having a crown. It is the ideal move to make when you do not have enough money to complete the whole procedure. You can quickly raise money to cover the dental implants cost then you may later seek a dentist as soon as you are in a position to raise cash for the crowns. Dental implants without crowns often have no medical issues if you do not take to long before having the proper crowns in place.

  1. No Unfitting Crowns

It is advisable to have dental implants without crowns since unfitting crowns often result in teeth decay. Bacteria invade the areas created that the crown does not reach and start infecting the gum and the other teeth as well. To avoid tooth decay just get a dental implant without crowns.

  1. No Falling Off Crowns

In cases where the crown gets loose or the cement beneath it is washed away, the crown often falls off. Dentists advise their patients to carry a plastic bag and see their dentist as soon as they can. Avoid such cases by merely getting dental implants without crowns.

  1. Reduced Possibility of Unnerving

Most of the time the crown gets prepared for crowning there are higher chances that severe damage is done on the gum nerves which results in one requiring a root canal. The nerves ensure that the body is well aware of the different stimuli surrounding a particular organ. However, in the case of dental implants without crowns, the nerves are left undamaged even after the procedure.

  1. Reduced Chances of Gum Recession Around Crowns

Severe gum recession results in the exposure of the whole dental implant work. Most patients are not happy with gum recession which may often lead to the development of a cavity with excessive sensitivity. There is no need of getting a crown if the health of the gums is being affected.

  1. Maintain Your Matching Teeth

Natural teeth change color with time resulting in teeth color mismatch especially in the case where you have artificial crowns. It is good to get dental implants without crowns thus maintaining the uniform appearance of your teeth. The primary purpose of dental implants is to restore the natural feel and look of one’s dental formula. Therefore, having the looks that come with the procedure is placed center stage.

  1. Ideal for Patients Below 18 Years

Young patients below 18 years should be the sole beneficiaries of this procedure as it ensures the large pulps in their teeth containing nerves do not interfere with their oral growth. Having dental implants without crowns is ideal for them since their nerves are less likely to be interfered with as the crowns would. Patients below this age are still in the development stages of their body.

  1. Crowns Do Not Protect You from Developing Gum Disease

Crowns do not protect you from getting gum disease. Instead, they only help to cover tooth decay. Porcelain crowns are often known for getting chipped. As a result, a gap may be left somewhere on the gums that results in the creation of a conducive environment where bacteria can efficiently colonize and infect the mouth leading to different types of gum disease.

  1. Dental Implants Protect Your Healthy Bone

Missing teeth often result in the deterioration of the jaw bone. As a result, the jaw bone loses its firmness and strength with time. Therefore, it is advisable to get dental implants to fill your mouth to avoid the loss of the natural jaw bone.

In conclusion, dental implants without crowns are best advised more so for children. Dental implants without crowns are often cheaper to many people since they do not cover the crowning costs. However, it is vital to mention that the advantages of having dental implants with crowns are way beyond implants without crowns. Visit us at Vita Dental Spring to get more exciting topics on dental implants.