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Get Dental Implants for Seniors – 10 tips

Get Dental Implants for Seniors – 10 tips 150 150 Sophy

Dental Implants for Seniors

At fifty-five years of age, one’s teeth start weakening and loosening.  You must keep off tough foods as the teeth won’t be able to handle the force. Ten years down the line, one’s teeth will have given into nature’s imminent threat.  Sunken cheeks become the order of the day due to the loss of their teeth. The senior citizens have to say goodbye to half their usual foods.  Advancements in dental technology, however, have brought hope for the elderly with the possibility of getting a new set of teeth. Dental implants are a titanium-based tooth technology attached to one’s jaw bone just as regular teeth would. Seniors have however shied away from the procedure. Below are some clarifications into myths surrounding dental implants in seniors.

Myths Surrounding Dental Implants in Seniors

  1. Can one with osteoporosis get dental implants?

This is a condition whereby the bones experience diminished strength over the years.  The bones become fragile as the grams per mineral volume reduce. The state is especially prevalent in senior women at their postmenstrual stage. People often fear that their bones have become too weak to allow teeth remodeling. To enable dental implants, the dentist will first have the senior elder on biphosphate treatments. They can later place the implants allowing torque and force distribution in the jaw. In some cases, the dentist will fist perform dental grafting to increase the bone mass and enable dental implants.

  1. How are dental implants different from other artificial teeth

Bridges and dentures are two of the most common ways used to restore dental health in the patients. Bridges become a bit problematic in cleaning due to their external hardware. They end up making the patient subconscious about their appearance. Dentures, on the other hand, tend to slip and click as the patient chews or opens their mouth. They end up being too much trouble for a senior person to use. Dental implants are a longer lasting option for the patients. They are fixed in place thus no need to keep adjusting them.  They also act as an artificial tooth root strengthening the jaw.

  1. Won’t being a diabetes patient affect the healing process?

Diabetes is more prevalent in the senior citizens as their health dwindles. It traditionally made it impossible for diabetic patients to get dental implants as the healing process would take extended periods. Today, however, the use of glycemic control (post and pre-operative) improves osseointegration in diabetic patients. Also, use of prophylactic antibiotics has helped develop the success rates of the dental implant in the elderly. It improves the healing process for the patients. In some cases, the dentists apply higher implant lengths and widths giving improved success rates in the elderly.

  1. Will dental implants help fight off gum disease?

Gum disease is among the leading causes of teeth loss in adults. The gums get inflamed and in time lead to the destruction of soft tissues in the gums and bones holding the teeth. The gums will easily bleed and have a red or purplish color in the swollen area. From then on the patient has to fight off bad breath and tastes in the mouth.  Dental implants are made up of materials such as titanium that is compatible with the human body. They will integrate with ones jaw bone to keep it from deterioration. In this way, the senior citizen will no longer have to worry about bad breath or taste.

  1. Retaining natural face appearance

After the first few months of losing a tooth, the affected part of the face becomes sunken. Following multiple teeth loss in the elderly, the face becomes misaligned. This explains why senior citizens will have their jaw-part of the face looking sunken. Dental implants help restore the facial muscles thus the patient gets back their natural beauty.

  1. Can senior aged people enjoy tough foods and snacks?

Senior citizens are often on a restricted diet due to lack of teeth. They can no longer enjoy the crispy foods they ate in their early years as the task is now met with immense pain and bleeding of gums at some point. Dental implants allow the patients to resume normal diets such as crunching fruits and biting on lamb chops.

  1. Speech restoration:

Elderly citizens often have problems relaying information as they can’t shape the sounds as they should be. When there are no teeth in their proper place, especially incisors, they have to eliminate certain words in their vocabulary. Dental implants help restore the speech to the senior citizens as they allow tongue and lip manipulation with the teeth to achieve normal speech.

  1. The financial implication of dental implants

Traditional teeth replacement methods often need cleaning and repairs that in the end make the patient incur hefty maintenance costs. Dental implants require a slightly higher implantation cost than other dental replacement plans. However, they are less fragile and will provide fewer costs in maintaining them. Also, they will not need extra charges for cleaning.

  1. Will the remaining teeth be offset by the dental implants?

Some of the dental replacement methods end up damaging the remaining teeth.  Some will require grinding the remaining teeth to fit the new teeth. This may lead to a sensitivity in the natural teeth.  Dental implants usually undergo sizing and cutting till they fit the available tooth space thus no adverse effect on existing teeth. If anything, they help stabilize the remaining teeth by preventing tooth movement in the area they fill.

  1. Long-term treatment plan

Dental implants offer a longer lifespan compared to other dental health plans. They will last around 15 years in the patient’s jaw with proper care. Different methods will usually call for constant replacements to fit changes in the shape of the jaw.

Having a smile on your face should not be age restrained. Dental implants are a healthy option for the elderly in society with the recent advancements in dentistry. Vita Dental understands the need for a normal life for the senior in the community. Visit Vita Dental today to get dental implants and an improved lifestyle.