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Get Dental Implants: Is It Safe – 10 Tips

Get Dental Implants: Is It Safe – 10 Tips 150 150 Sophy

Is Getting Dental Implants Safe?

Dental implants have for the recent years been the most preferred and relatively most effective dental solutions for individuals suffering from tooth loss either through injury, tooth decay or periodontal disease. This teeth restorative procedure entails creating a solid foundation for replacement teeth, which the patient’s jaw bone then naturally locks onto. This fusing process, which is referred to as osseointegration, provides the replaced tooth with the stability it needs to function as a normal tooth, which is what makes dental implants the most preferred choice compared to dentures and bridges.

However, despite their popularity and increased use over the years, some individuals are faced with the question, “Is getting dental implants safe?” The answers to this question are yes and no, depending on factors to be taken into consideration before undergoing the procedure. Here are ten tips on what to look out for to ensure that your answer to that question is a yes, courtesy of Vita Dental.

Vita Dental Spring Tips

  1. Material in Use

Titanium is the original material used in dental implants. However, materials such as vanadium and aluminum have been used as alloys in some dental implants. The differentiated materials fixed within a growing bone cause corrosion of metal by-products that are then dispersed throughout the body. The problems begin with the compatibility of the patient’s body to whatever foreign metal it is that is scattered all over their body. If their body is not compatible with the material, then allergic reactions occur. That, therefore, calls for a compatibility test before a dental implant procedure. An alternative to this issue is the material Zirconia. Zirconia implants are ceramic thus do not go through corrosion and are very bio-compatible materials.

  1. Overall Health of Patient

The overall health of any patient desiring to undergo a dental implant should be taken into serious consideration before undergoing the procedure. That includes patients undergoing treatment, recovering from an illness or a history of a chronic illness. Their current or previous health condition might be risky if a dental implant was conducted for them. Thus it is important that you keep tabs on the status of your health and share this information with your dentist before this procedure.

  1. Type of Dental Implant Procedure

Despite dental implants being a number one solution to teeth loss, it is mostly considered to be a cosmetic procedure. Take for instance individuals who replace their tooth with a golden one. In such a case that means that the crown is going to be golden, which is usually alloyed with some other metal for example palladium. That is, however, not safe given the highly induced corrosion caused by galvanic currents between the dissimilar metals. Aside from the harm caused by the dissemination of these corrosion by-products into the rest of your body, the galvanic currents can potentially cause harm to your body as well.

  1. The Acupuncture Meridian

One may not realize this but the meridian upon which the dental implant is to be done is quite significant and thus should be considered as such. Each tooth is located at a given meridian which relates to either a given vertebrae, organ, muscle or tissue. A dental implant placed within the meridian of an organ that has historically or currently experienced traumatic injury, or illness would be a bad idea for the health of the patient.

  1. General Wants of the Patient

Despite their sturdy nature, dental implants are susceptible to damage, which is highly dependent on the habits of the patient. For instance, an individual with the habit of grinding her teeth may eventually fracture her implants which is not a safe eventuality. Other habits that may affect these implants include tobacco smoking and soda taking which affect the gums and cause a negative long-term effect on the dental implants. Good oral hygiene is also a habit that the patient should be encouraged to uphold during and after the dental implant.

  1. Impact of the Procedure to the Patient’s View of Self

Some individuals are quite self-conscious and are significantly affected by the idea of a having an artificial object in their mouths. They might choose to associate such with old age or poor health. All in all, the idea is not to conduct a procedure that will later affect you psychologically.

  1. Oral State

Some dental implant patients may not be undergoing the procedure for the first time. The problem with undergoing the procedure a second time arises when the metal material used the second time is not entirely similar to the material used the first time. That would cause galvanic currents that would cause corrosion of the metals in your mouth. So if possible keep your records and use these records when the need arises.

  1. Institution Conducting the Procedure

In matters as delicate as these the name and reputation of the institution that is conducting them should come to mind before considering undergoing the procedure. An institution with a known negative reputation such as unprofessional, inexperienced staff or poor equipment is undoubtedly a bad idea. Do your research on the varieties available to you to make a more informed decision.

  1. Equipment in Use

You may not have the professional knowledge of what the right equipment is but a little research would help you know which institution is equipped with the best equipment for a dental implant. Vita Dental is one institution with state of the art equipment to ensure the safety of your dental implant procedure.

  1. Level of Skill and Experience of the Dentist

Again, for a procedure as delicate as a dental implant you need the assurance that you are under the care of an experienced professional. Adequate research and consultation will land you in the best place in this aspect. And if you are looking for one right now, Vita Dental is the place you seek.

Conclusively, dental implants are the strongest and sturdiest teeth replacements which have been made to feel, work and look as natural as possible; and they have succeeded in doing so. It is the only restoration procedure that stimulates natural bone growth beneath the missing tooth.