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Get Dental Implants: Is it Painful – 10 Tips

Get Dental Implants: Is it Painful – 10 Tips 150 150 Sophy

Is Dental Implant Painful?

After you get dental implants, you can expect some post-operative pain. Although it might not be that painful, you will still experience some pain. However, if you follow the tips that we at Vita Dental Spring have prepared for you, it will help you get over the pain much quicker.


  1. Avoid hot or cold foods after the operation

Once you get home, it might be tempting to eat some ice cream or a take a hot cup of chocolate. However, you should try to avoid that. This will only make the pain more, and it will irritate your nerves, which might still be exposed from the operation. Give yourself about a week before you eat anything extremely hot or cold. After that, you can be able to go on about your life.

  1. Avoid hard foods

Immediately after the surgery, it is advisable to avoid any hard food or using too much force to bite down on anything. For one, the implant needs about a month or two before it can settle in place. Depending on your age, this could take up to four months. Give the body enough time to build bone around the implant. If you bite down with too much force, the implant could be misplaced, and this could cause you a world of pain for years to come.

  1. Contact your dentist at the first sign of trouble

Almost all dental implant operations go without a hitch. However, there is still the small chance that a few of them develop some problems. If you notice excess pain or excessive bleeding, get in touch with the dentist. The earlier a problem is detected, the easier it will be to deal with it.

  1. Adhere to proper oral hygiene advice

Dental implants are designed to last a lifetime. However, if you do not take good care of them, they could develop abscesses, which could infect the jawbone. When this happens, it can cause you a lot of pain over time. Besides, poor oral hygiene could mean that the tissues take longer to heal. As a result, you will be in pain longer than necessary.

  1. Quit tobacco

One of the major causes of poor oral health is tobacco. It affects the mouths ecology, which allows harmful bacteria to thrive. If you are a regular user of tobacco, it might be time to quit. That way, your body will heal much faster, which will ensure you do not have to endure any pain longer than necessary.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle

If you are healthy, it means that the gums will also take less time to heal. It is imperative that you eat a balanced diet and exercise often. A compromised body will not have the nutrients needed for the body to heal fast. The longer a wound stays open, the more the pain.

  1. Adhere to all medication

Sometimes, your doctor may give you more than just pain medication. He may also include some antibacterial pills if he notices you have poor oral health. He may also study your medical history and give something else. It is important to adhere to all the medication if you want to avoid excessive pain and help the gums heal faster.

  1. Prepare

Before you have the implants put into your jaw, talk to the dentist about what to expect. That way, you will be more prepared for any eventualities results from the surgery. Ensure that you ask all questions you may have. For instance, you could ask him or her to give you a list of foods you should avoid during the recovery period. Besides that, understanding what it entails can help you be less anxious and thus not worried about the pain.

  1. Lots of rest

After the surgery, give yourself some time to heal. The body recovers best if it has an opportunity to recover from the operation. For instance, you can take a day off work or have the operation done prior to the weekend. That way, you will not be jiggling it around as you take the car or operate heavy equipment. This will ensure that it does not become more painful than necessary. You should also consider consuming healthy foods during this resting period. It will assist your body to heal.

  1. Gurgle some salt and water

Gurgling salt and water after the operation can help to speed up the recovery. It helps to get rid of any bacteria that might have formed around the open wound left after the operation. Besides that, it is important that you avoid brushing the area of the implant until it has healed. Such brushing will only serve to make it hard for the wound to heal. Instead, consider using some mouthwash to keep your mouth clean.

If you engage in any contact sports, it would be best to stay off the pitch and give the implant time to settle in place. Otherwise, you might experience a lot of pain if it is dislodged from the bone.