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Fun Summer Activities for Kids in Spring Texas

Fun Summer Activities for Kids in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Fun Summer Activities for Kids in Spring Texas

Summer is a great time for you and the family to reconnect. The kids are at home and instead of just staying in the house playing video games, there is a lot you can do. Besides helping to grow family bonds, fun activities with the kids are good for them. They will help them soak up the sun and help them become healthier through exercise. Here are some of the things we at Vita Dental Spring think you can do with the kids.

Sponge Water Bombs

There are easy sponge water bombs that keep the kids cool during the summer. To make them, you need three sponges for every water bomb. First, you will need to cut your sponges into thirds then stack them into nine pieces. Lastly, you will tie a rubber band around the center of each stuck, you are done.

Water Guns

Water guns come in all sizes and shapes. They are quite useful at helping to keep the kids cool. There are many ways to play with squirt guns. For instance, you can stack cups and have the kids try to knock them down with the squirt guns. You can also have the kids come up with games for their squirt guns. The aim is to get them to exercise and cool down during summer.

Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles in the summer weather is a fun way to relax. To do this, you just need to dip a fly swatter in bubble solution and rapidly move it around. It will create some fun bubbles. To create the bubble solution, take a quarter cup of water and add two tablespoons of dishwashing soap. You can then add some food color and blend the mixture. Now let the kids have their fun.

Water Painting

Painting using water is fun and simple. Besides that, it allows the kids to engage their creative minds. To paint with water, all you need is water and a roller. Just leave the kids to come up with different things they like.

Water Balloons Target

To do this, draw circles on the cement using chalk. The circles should have numbers for points. Now just let the kids throw water balloons at circles to earn points. If they manage to break the balloons inside a circle, they get more points.

Watch the Night Sky

Watching the night sky is a fun way to spend the summer. The night is clear and it is the perfect time to learn about the constellations. Nowadays, there are simple apps that you can use to understand the night sky. Besides that, you can buy your kids a telescope and use it to understand the night sky. Not only will you help them use their minds, it could keep them busy and away from the TV. This is especially useful if you live in a place far away in the countryside.

Teach kids to make ice cream

You do not always have to buy ice cream. You can teach the kids how to make ice cream at home, even if you do not have an ice cream machine. Many guides online can help you do this efficiently. Besides that, you can even teach them how to make healthy ice cream. This way, you will be doing wonders for their health.

Visit another country

Summer is the perfect time to see the world. Simply pack up and travel to a foreign nation to soak in the sun. By doing so, it could help you to expand your knowledge and perspective on life. It could also be a great opportunity for your kids to learn how other people in other places in the world live. Getting away from friends and neighbors you know for a while could be the perfect way for you to build your bonds as a family.

Make a kite

The summertime is the perfect opportunity for you to fly a kite. Alternatively, you can purchase one at a low price. However, making a kite yourself is more fun since it is also a learning process. Ensure to get the kids involved. You can then go to the park and fly your kites. The kites can be a fun way for you and the kids to bond.

Build a playhouse

In the summer, building a playhouse is a great idea. The playhouse can be made of anything you like; it could be made of cardboard or straw. You can then leave the kids to play castle or join in on the fun. During the design process, you can let the kids join in and come up with something unique.

Go to the beach

One of the best ways to spend summer is to visit the beach. If you live close to a beach, there is no excuse for you not to visit it. Just make time from your busy schedule on the weekend and take a family trip to the beach, the kids are going to enjoy it.