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Fix a Broken Tooth with Emergency Dental Care in Spring Texas

Fix a Broken Tooth with Emergency Dental Care in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Fix a Broken Tooth with Emergency Dental Care in Spring Texas

Given that enamel is one of the strongest tissues in the body, owing to the fact that it is one of the most mineralized tissues in the body, our teeth are extremely strong and resistant to damage. That is why your teeth are able to withstand some heavy pressure, for the most part that is. This is because, no matter how sturdy our teeth are, it is still plausible to have them chipped or broken. While most of the time you can have your teeth broken from scenarios involving severe trauma such as playing contact sports such as soccer, football among others, getting involved in a car accident, or even getting involved in fights where you may have your teeth broken from a blow to the mouth; you may also suffer a broken tooth from just biting on a hard food material when eating. Cases of broken teeth are usually unexpected and can be quite painful, especially where trauma is involved. In most cases, a broken tooth is a tooth emergency and you may need to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible to reduce the risks of suffering more tooth and oral issues. For the folks over at Spring Texas looking for emergency dental care after suffering a broken tooth, this article will look to highlight how one should go about things to eventually have their broken tooth fixed.

One of the very first things to do when you suffer a broken tooth is to rinse your mouth well warm water, preferably salty water, so as to avoid inflammation as you head over to seek emergency dental care. Over at, we offer emergency dental care services and you can pop in anytime if you are in need of such services, like if you have suffered a broken tooth. Other steps you can take as you head over for emergency dental care is apply pressure with a piece of gauze on the injured area to stem any bleeding while you can also make use of a cold pack or compress on your cheek to both relieve pain and reduce swelling. Sometimes the broken tooth may have left behind a jagged edge or two which may lead to you suffering cuts on your tongue and inner mouth. In such instances, you may make use of sugarless chewing gum to cover the sharp edges. It is also advisable not to chew or eat as you await to be attended to by the staff at the emergency dental care clinic.

Once you get to our emergency dental care clinic, one of the first things we will do is perform a dental x-ray so as to ascertain the extent of the damage as far as your broken tooth is concerned. Sometimes the damage may have been extensive especially if it was due to severe physical trauma to the mouth and as such it is important to assess the damage before coming up with the right fix for the same. The dental x-rays we use over at are digital and state-of-the-art and as such we will be able to get results quicker as well as more safely. This means that you won’t have to wait for long as we assess your broken tooth before treatment starts which is great news as we understand you may be in a lot of discomfort and even pain. We will also thoroughly clean the wound as well as dealing with any bleeding that may still be there. As far as pain relief goes, if need be, we have anesthesia specialists who will work with you and the dentists to ensure that any pain is dealt with and you are as comfortable as possible before any treatment can commence.

As far as fixing your broken tooth goes, the type of treatment you will receive depends on the damage and the severity of your tooth break. Small breaks and chipped teeth are easier to fix as you may only require a filing for small cracks and chips with tiny cracks even requiring the dentist to simply polish and smooth the affected tooth to fix it. For sever breaks however, one may require more complex treatments to fix them. This may involve creation of a crown or a cap to fix and restore the appearance and functionality of your broken tooth, which may take time although over at we have the technology to complete your crown in one visit. You should also keep in mind that more serious cases of broken teeth may expose and damage the nerves, and come with lots of pain and bleeding and may require one to undergo a root canal to both save and fix your broken tooth as well as stemming the bleeding and reducing the pain. Sometimes the reason behind your broken tooth may be tooth decay which may have caused your tooth to become weak and consequently break. Treatment for such cases is also different and that is why it is important to go to an emergency dentist if you suffer a broken tooth so that they can ascertain the right fix for you.

Remember, if you are looking for a dentist in Spring Texas that will be of help to you when it comes to broken teeth and any other emergency dental care services, then look no further than the experts over at