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Fix a Broken Tooth with Emergency Dental Care in Spring Texas

Fix a Broken Tooth with Emergency Dental Care in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Fix a Broken Tooth with Emergency Dental Care in Spring Texas

Teeth are quite strong. However, they do break. Many things may cause a tooth to break including biting down on a hard object, being hit on the face, falling, cavities, and much more. Breaking a tooth might be scary, but the good news is that something that can be done about it. We at Vita Dental Spring offer emergency care for broken teeth all the time.

Emergency dental care helps you to repair broken teeth, and our experienced team of experts knows how to do it. We use modern equipment and procedures to ensure that you get your smile back. Here is how we at Vita Dental Spring repair broken teeth.

  • Dental Bonding

Composite bonding is a great method for repairing broken teeth. Composite bonding may last up to 10 years. During the procedure, anesthesia is not needed unless the breakage was caused by cavities.

The dentists roughen the remaining tooth and put on some conditioning fluid. Next putty is applied, molded, and smoothed. Ultraviolet light is then used to harden this material. When the tooth bonding dries, it will be shaped and polished more to match the nearby teeth.

  • Veneers

Veneers are covers for teeth. At Vita Dental Spring, we utilize porcelain veneers since they offer the best and realistic results. Veneers are great for when the breakage is minimal and limited to the front teeth. The veneer is bonded to the front tooth, which helps to restore the appearance of the tooth. With proper care, the veneers can last for 3 decades.

Veneers can be placed on one tooth or on a few teeth. This is a cosmetically wonderful option for most people. However, if you have a teeth-grinding issue, veneers may not work since you will wear them down.

The tooth must be prepped first before placing veneers on teeth; this will entail removing some of the tooth structure from the front of the tooth. Impressions are then taken, and at this stage, you can make decisions about shape, size, and shade of the veneer. In the meantime, you will wear temporary veneers as the final ones are made in a lab. After about a week, we at Vita Dental Spring will place the veneers on the teeth.

  • Crowns

If the tooth is broken quite badly and you have pain when you chew or drink, a crown may be the best option. The crown is a cap, which will cover the tooth and protect it. Further, it helps to improve the appearance of the tooth. When you get your crown, it will help you avoid losing the tooth, without which, your tooth will eventually wear away.

At our Vita Dental Spring offices, we utilize crowns created from tooth-colored porcelain to create a natural look. Before getting a crown, the tooth will have to be prepared. Some of the tooth structure will also need to be shaved off.

After preparation, the dentist will take impressions, which are sent to the lab, where they can be used to create a permanent crown. In the meantime, you will wear a temporary crown, and when the final cap is ready, it is permanently bonded to the tooth.

  • Root Canal

If the breakage on your tooth has exposed the pulp, the tooth will be treated with a root canal. Sometime after your root canal, a crown is placed on the tooth prevent the breakage and crack from spreading. Until that is done, you are given a temporary crown.

Getting  a  root canal means the decayed inner tooth matter is removed, including the nerve. The procedure is rumored to be painful. However, we at Vita Dental Spring will do it professionally with the right anesthesia to ensure you feel nothing. If your broken tooth is left untreated, it could develop into an abscess, bone loss, and other serious issues.

  • Dental Implants

If the breakage extends below your gum line, the tooth is no longer viable. It will have to be removed. After that, you will get a dental implant to replace the natural tooth. The dental implant will take the place of the missing teeth.

The process of getting an implant involves surgically placing a titanium screw in the jawbone, which will act as your tooth’s new root. It will be left there until it fuses with the bone, to create a tight and lasting foundation.

After about four months, an impression of your teeth will be taken to ensure the treatment runs, as it should. During treatment, our capable dentists will customize an abutment and create the crown. This will then be placed on the crown. If there is not enough bone, you might need a bone graft.


If your tooth is broken, visit the dentist as soon as you can. This will help you avoid any further infection that might complicate things.

If you think your tooth might be broken or cracked, you need to go to the dentist right away. If you live in the Spring area, ensure you call us immediately so that we can give you an appointment.