10 Tips to Find the Most Comfortable Dental Braces in Houston
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How to Find the Most Comfortable Dental Braces in Houston?

How to Find the Most Comfortable Dental Braces in Houston? 150 150 admin

Brace treatment is a long-term orthodontic treatment that can take up to two years or more. Getting a suitable set of braces can help you get used to the braces, and view the treatment with more enthusiasm.

If your dentist recommends braces to correct misalignment, the chances are that you will experience significant amounts of discomfort. The braces apply pressure on those teeth that are out of line; as they move, the stress causes pain in the gums and jaws, and sometimes minor headaches.

On the other hand, if your braces are meant to hold in line, weak teeth resulting from trauma to the teeth and jaws, then the pain will mostly be felt when you chew hard foods.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips to help you get the most comfort and results from your dental brace treatment.

  • Metal vs. Ceramic braces

Although metal braces are more traditional than ceramic braces, they are still in use. The latter are a preference of many, as they blend in with the natural color of the teeth. Dentists recommend metal braces for their durability and resilience to stress and friction. The metal brackets and wire can feel uncomfortable for the tongue before you get used to them.

Ceramic braces are a more attractive option; good quality braces are strong and durable as well, but they are a more expensive option. They work by elastic bands that adjust slowly as the teeth move into place, and they may be a bit uncomfortable at first.

Clear braces are not only the most attractive options for braces treatment; they are also the most popular, especially among teenagers. Adults opting for brace treatment also prefer them, as they can confidently do their business talks without the heightened self-consciousness of traditional braces.

Perhaps the best thing about clear Invisalign braces is that you can chew comfortably with them, or even remove them occasionally during the day; as long as you wear them for at least 8-12 hours or more a day. These braces, however, are the most expensive, since they need regular replacement over the course of treatment.

  • Go for a dental care provider who is trustworthy and has experience

Dental braces are delicate to fix on the teeth, especially when treating a severe case of misalignment. Subsequent dental visits are essential to regularly adjust the braces as the teeth move into proper alignment.

  • Choose the right kind of braces

Braces treat different dental complications; under-bites, over-bites, as well as misalignment. They are unique to the patient. Ceramic braces are rather uncomfortable for a patient with severe misalignment, as the moving elastic bands pull the teeth in place. Metal braces would be most appropriate in this case.

If you just fancy a better smile with no serious dental condition, then clear Invisalign braces are best for you. Just contact your preferred Invisalign provider such as Vita Dental, to get the best from your braces.

  • Massage your gums

Occasional massage of the gums is a great pain reliever; it’s highly effective in soothing the gums and increasing the comfort of wearing the braces. For the best massage results, use a block of ice to stroke the gums gently to reduce the irritation during the first days of wearing braces.

  • Chew more sugarless gum

You heard right! Chewing on sugarless gum is a great way to exercise your gums. By chewing now and then, you improve the blood flow to the gums and teeth, and you also increase saliva in the mouth which in turn cleans out any food debris.

Soft, sugarless gum with mint is perfect for brace wearers and can be highly effective in reducing discomfort.

  • Use orthodontic wax

Your orthodontist will give you a box of dental wax alongside some essential supplies after your braces are in fixed in place. The soft tissues of the mouth may be sensitive during your first few days.

Scoop a pea size of the wax, just enough to cover the bracket where there’s irritation. Locate the sensitive areas, especially the front teeth and the sharp wires at the back of the mouth; gently rub the wax on the bracket while you wait for your next visit.

  • Keep your dental appointments

Dental appointments provide the best avenue to point out any concerns you may have. If you have minor discomfort or swelling on the gums, your orthodontist will recommend an appropriate solution and also adjust the braces to a more comfortable fit.

It’s also the best time to assess the progress of your treatment.

  • Schedule hygienist appointment for extra cleaning

Food debris and sugar deposits in the brace brackets can increase sensitivity and discomfort and can even cause tooth decay. A regular professional cleaning can reach into the tiny bracket spaces that are hard to reach with a regular toothbrush.

  • Wear mouth guards

Mouth guards are necessary for protecting your braces from hard impact, especially if you actively participate in impact sports such as boxing. Mouth guards prevent any breakage to the brackets, as wires can easily snap and irritate your gums even more.

These easy tips should help you get the right braces, and even take care of them to ensure extra comfort during your treatment period. Consult our Vita dentists for professional advice on the most comfortable option for you and your family!