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Have a Fear of going to the Dentist?

Have a Fear of going to the Dentist? 150 150 admin

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist for one reason or another. It could be the sound of the drilling that’s edged in their minds that’s associated with the pain. This can cause an overwhelming anticipation for some dental patients. Some people clam up at the thought of sitting in a dentist chair and having them poke around in their mouths with all sorts of instruments. Minor procedures can make some patients feel as though their heart is racing, which is typically associated with dental anesthetics. It is known to have adrenaline in it which means that an injection might cause the anesthetic to get right into the bloodstream, known to cause a spike in the adrenaline. And because the anesthetic can also be absorbed through your tissues inside of your bloodstream, this may cause you to feel as though your heart is racing. Although the amount of anesthetic that you could absorb is just a tiny portion of what our bodies normally produce, it is still a very unpleasant experience for a lot of us. Many times, patients may experience their heart racing simply as a result of their own anxieties. While some patients have even been known to have panic attacks, all of it is very concerning to both here at Vital Dental. Although patients react differently to various dental procedures, it is still important that we not allow any anticipated pain to keep us from having our teeth treated, as this can eventually become a health issue. The good news is, the dental team at Vital Dental understands this issue and works hard to keep their patients at ease. Although there is some truth about some pain being associated with certain dental procedures, our team provides a great deal of care when providing dental treatments and complicated procedures overall.

We have found that a lot of the fear is associated with patient’s childhood memories during visits to the dentist at a young age. But the best thing that you can do is to simply express your concerns to our professional team of dentists. We not only understand your concerns, but we will work with you to provide additional options that may be available.

We understand that trust is an issue as well and that you need to feel confident in our dental abilities. We can assure you that our team here at Vital Dental can help put your mind at ease by assisting you with getting past your dental fears. We use some of the latest technologies that have been known to reduce pain normally associated with certain dental procedures.

Since each patient’s fear is different, we have found that some may require something as simple as a prescription of Valium that can be taken the night before the appointment. This allows patients to get the rest they need before coming in for their dental treatment. For others, we may recommend an anti-inflammatory medication or Ibuprofen prior to their appointment which has been known to reduce a lot of the discomfort and swelling that is normally associated with certain dental procedures. (Just let us know about any other medications that you may be taking in advance.) Lastly, we can use what’s referred to as Nitrous oxide (known to many as ‘Laughing gas’) during your appointment. As you can imagine, this has really been known to put patients at ease during their dental visits.

The key is to let our dental team know about your concerns so our professional staff will not only listen to you but also find a practical solution to help you get through your dental fears. That way you can continue to receive the treatment you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong years to come. Please contact our office today.