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Factors to consider before getting implants over dentures in Spring Texas

Factors to consider before getting implants over dentures in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Factors to consider before getting implants over dentures

  • Implant position. The implant position here refers to the final location that the implant will take once affixed. It is usually about the jawbone and the prosthetic bone to be attached. Your doctor will, before the procedure, assess your dental anatomy to determine among other things, your dental vertical height, and bone density. This assessment is critical because such will help your doctor identify the best methods to put into practice to ensure proper attachment and customer satisfaction. For appropriate retention, implants must be attached parallel to each other. In case, this parallelism cannot be achieved say due to a patient’s anatomic structure, then a bar design will be the next option.
  • Oral hygiene. Your oral health is one of the most important consideration to be taken before undertaking any missing teeth restorative procedures. Proper oral hygiene should be practiced before, during and after the process to promote healing. If in the unfortunate case, you cannot maintain proper oral health, healing may become problematic, and sometimes you will be denied placement.
  • Restorative space. So how much space is available for the healing and restoration of the teeth? In determining the open space, factors including aesthetics, rest pace, and phonetics must be put into consideration. Depending on a given case, various procedures can be used to determine the available space, and this should be done when considering the treatment options available before the commencement of the restorative proceedings.
  • Ease of repair. The method of fabrication may vary from one patient to another. Usually, restorations that are supported by stud attachments are more accessible to repair as compared to those supported by a bar. The choice of fabrication to take should be informed by the specific patient needs and desires.
  • Other factors to take into consideration include the opposing arch, the aesthetic space, economics, patient’s sore spots to name but a few.

How Expensive Is Implanted Overdentures?

It does not cost much to get conventional dentures. In fact, regular dentures are not that expensive as compared to other types of tooth restorative devices. However, getting implants overdentures will cost a little more comparatively. However, the cost of implants over dentures will again be low as compared to getting fixed implant bridges. However, the price should not be a barrier for any serious patient looking for excellent quality tooth restoration. In fact, if you put into account the amount it will cost you to maintain your dentures over the years, you will realize that it will be pocket-friendly to get implants overdentures.

How Long Does the Whole Procedure Take to Complete?

The implant overdenture procedure is not very complicated. The process is so minor that it does not necessarily require any local anesthetic. However, from the start to completion, it may take a few months to heal completely. A patient can go home the very day the procedure is done. The patient is only expected to feel a little discomfort which goes away in a day or two.

What to Expect from Implant Overdenture

With time, implant overdentures are becoming popular mainly due to the numerous benefits they offer. Unlike ordinary dentures, implant supported dentures tend to be more stable and comfortable.