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Factors that Drive the Price of Implant Overdentures

Factors that Drive the Price of Implant Overdentures 150 150 Tony

Factors that Drive the Price of Implant Overdentures

As mentioned, several factors determine the cost of implant overdentures. Here is an insight into some of the most prominent factors:

  • Quality

Implant overdentures come in varying types and brands, which also come in varying varieties. For instance, you can replace your teeth with natural teeth from another human donor, but you will pay top dollar since they are organic and natural. Quality is one of the most significant factors that drive the cost of implant overdentures. For instance, the costs of a natural implant and synthetic overdenture can range by as much as $2,000.   

However, it is important to note that although quality determines performance, natural implants are not always the best. In fact, some synthetic implants perform much better than natural teeth – they are more resilient, look better, and are more durable compared to the lifecycle of natural teeth.

Note that synthetic implant overdentures also come in varying materials of varying qualities.   

  • Quantity

As explained earlier, the more teeth you miss then, the higher the cost of your implant overdentures. Quantity is a crucial factor, but you can circumvent the costs of multiple implants by taking advantage of new designs such as the all-on-four implants.

  • Dental Services

Implant overdentures are not very helpful when they are not fit into your gums. You will need a dentist to make this happen, and it will cost you.

Dentists have varying charges for their services. Just as is the case with the quality of implant overdentures, the cost of dental care depends on the dentist’s skills and popularity with patients. Top ranking dentists usually charge more for their services, while quacks expectedly charge less in a bid to attract more clients.

Also performing the implantation procedure, the dentist may also need to adjust your jaw bones depending on your condition. For instance, people who lose their teeth as a result of accidents often require reconstructive surgery. Additional dental care will cost you more, and it is mostly a part of the implantation procedure.   

Tips to Minimize Costs

You can save thousands of dollars on your implant overdentures with the following tips:

  • Get insured

Paying out of pocket for your implant overdentures will leave you financially drained if you are replacing more than one tooth. However, insurance can cover a significant portion of the overall cost – some insurance policies can even cover the entire cost.

As such, it is prudent to get insurance coverage early enough in case you ever find yourself with missing teeth.

  • Embrace all-on-four implants

Single implants will suffice if you are missing just one or two teeth. If, however, you are missing several teeth, then you can minimize costs by going with all-on-four implants and other emerging models that are designed to replace several teeth using a single unit.

Your Oral Health is Worth It     

The reason why implant overdentures vary in prices by thousands of dollars is that of the varying qualities. Cheap implants attract many people in a bid to save more, but they eventually realize that cheap is expensive as poor-quality implants are not sufficient.

As such, experts recommend going with quality implant overdentures and soliciting the services of a professional and reputable dentist. Oral health is invaluable, and you deserve the best!