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Factors for Tooth Loss?  Dentist In Spring Texas

Factors for Tooth Loss?  Dentist In Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Factors for Tooth Loss?  Dentist In Spring Texas

While old age has always been blamed for facilitating tooth loss, it is not the only contributing factor to teeth loss. Dentists have continued to list significant risk factors for tooth loss as years pass by. Tooth loss is not only restricted to the aged but also children who have already shed off milk teeth. Losing milk teeth is quite normal but lose of permanent teeth is not. Even losing permanent teeth when old is no longer considered inevitable today. So what are the risk factors for tooth loss in both children and adults?

  • Bad Oral Hygiene Standards

Bad oral hygiene standards encourage the build-up of plaque around the teeth and gums. The plaque then encourages the development of periodontal diseases. If not treated in time, the periodontal disease weakens the jawbone, gum tissues and ligaments that are responsible for keeping the tooth roots in place. Weakening the base of the tooth’s root will eventually make the tooth fall out of place hence tooth loss.

Food particles left behind on the tooth’s surface due to bad oral hygiene encourages bacteria build-up which starts to eat up the enamel to form tooth cavities. If not treated, the bacteria from the cavity continues to eat up the enamel, to the pulp then to the root canals and worse even to the alveolar bone. This destroys the tooth’s structure beyond repair which eventually leads to tooth loss.

  • Tooth Injury And Trauma

Anyone could get into an accident and lose a teeth. You probably tripped down the stairs, got into a fight and got punched in the mouth, hit the ground during an outdoor football lesson. All these can cause a fracture leading to tooth loss. Although unavoidable, even if the tooth doesn’t fall off immediately, the tooth fracture due to a fall should be taken to the dentist as soon as possible. The root fracture, if left unhandled may develop an infection later that will weaken the root ligaments which may eventually lead to tooth loss.

  • Smoking

Smoking puts you at a great risk of contracting gum diseases among other chronic diseases such as oral cancer and lung cancer. Smokers tend to have a higher plaque build-up than the average person which triggers the development of gum diseases. As earlier explained, these gum diseases weaken the tooth root’s foundation and surroundings which later render tooth loss. Also, according to medical experts, smoking interferes with the blood supply to the teeth which makes it hard for infected gums to heal hence accelerating the gum disease’ effects.

  • Poor Nutrition

Too much sugar left behind on the tooth tends to weaken the enamel which eventually leads to tooth decay. Also, acidic foods such as citrus fruits may cause enamel erosion which may lead to tooth decay. With tooth decay comes parts of the tooth getting eaten up and hence tooth loss. Moreover eating foods that lack nutrients such as calcium and vitamins makes you vulnerable to tooth loss. Calcium is responsible for the mineral deposit in bones that support teeth. Strong bones protect you from tooth loss. Vitamins, on the other hand, protect you from infections such as gum diseases that could put you at a high risk of tooth loss.

  • Medical Conditions

Some chronic diseases such as diabetes tend to decrease one’s immunity. With a weakened immunity, comes massive plaque formation and even gum diseases that take long to eradicate. Once the gum diseases persist, in advanced stages the bone and ligaments become weak which results in tooth loss.

  • Failure To Replace A Lost Tooth

Once a tooth is lost probably due to an injury, decay, deliberate removal, and other reasons, the surrounding bone tissue tends to resorb. If the lost tooth is not replaced by an implant, the adjacent teeth reposition into the empty space. These cause gum problems which forces the teeth to come out loose and fall out. Tooth loss also puts unnecessary pressure on the remaining standing teeth, which can result in chipping and fracture from excessive grinding, wear, and overloading.

  • Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding comes as a result of misaligned teeth or deep under or overbites. Tooth grinding wears down the enamel and in worse scenarios, chipped teeth. The condition puts un-uniform pressure on some teeth which are then exerted on the tissues supporting the teeth that cause tooth loss. Once the supporting bone tissues lose strength to support the tooth, it becomes mobile and falls off. If not treated immediately, other remaining teeth will follow suit.

Not Visiting the Dentist

Even if you keep up with good oral hygiene, you will need to see the dentist at least twice a year. Frequent dental check-ups can reveal underlying issues that could cause tooth loss. A slightly mobile tooth that may seem like a simple issue to you may save you several other teeth waiting to fall. Visit our Vita Dental Spring clinic for routine checkups that will help keep your teeth in place even in old age.