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15 Essential Tips for Everyday Dental Hygiene

15 Essential Tips for Everyday Dental Hygiene 150 150 Tony

15 Essential Tips for Everyday Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is important if you are to avoid dental issues such as tooth decay and cavities. As per the subject matter experts over at Vita Dental dentist in Spring Texas, it is important that you take care of your teeth if they are to remain strong and healthy so that you can keep your natural teeth and don’t end up losing them leading to missing teeth. Most of us practice dental hygiene practices in one shape or the other, but if these practices are to be effective, you need to ensure that you do things properly. To help you with dental hygiene routines,

Here are 15 essential tips as far as everyday dental hygiene is concerned.

Clean your tongue

An essential tip as far as your dental hygiene practices are concerned is to make sure you don’t ignore your tongue when brushing your teeth. Cleaning your tongue ensures that any debris and bacteria on your tongue are removed, and rids your mouth of bad odor.

Use the right brushing technique

An essential everyday tip as far as dental hygiene is concerned is getting your brushing technique right. Instead of using a back and forth motion when brushing your teeth, which will wear down your enamel, you should use circular motions all the while placing your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle facing your gum line. This is the right and most effective brushing technique when brushing your teeth.

Use the right toothbrush

Another very important tip when it comes to dental hygiene is ensuring that you are using the right toothbrush. As per the subject matter experts over at vita dental in Spring Texas, you should make sure you are using a soft-bristled toothbrush as a medium and hard-bristled one will wear down your tooth enamel and gums. You should also look for one with a small head, which will fit into your mouth properly allowing you to clean the teeth at the back effectively.

Brush for the right duration

Another tip that we have to mention as far as dental hygiene is concerned is ensuring that you brush your teeth, not only regularly but enough times. This means that you should not only brush your teeth twice a day, you should also ensure that brush your teeth for two minutes when you do brush your teeth.

Look for the right toothpaste

Another essential tip when it comes to dental hygiene is making sure that you get a toothpaste with the ADA seal of approval. Toothpaste with the ADA seal of approval has met all the strict regulations put in place by the ADA regarding ingredients and manufacturing. This means that they don’t have any abrasive ingredients and also contain the proper dosage of fluoride which is key when it comes to preventing cavities.

Floss regularly and properly

Yet another essential everyday tip for dental hygiene is to not only ensure that you floss once a day, but you also floss properly. As per the gurus over at vita dental in Spring Texas, a proper flossing technique involves creating a “C” shape motion with the floss against your teeth, making sure that the floss gets wrapped around each tooth so as to ensure that you don’t injure your gums when flossing. You should also use a new section of dental floss of every few teeth to ensure that any bacteria and debris you remove don’t get reattached on your teeth.

Make sure children don’t swallow toothpaste

While it is important to ensure that your children brush your teeth so that they can maintain good oral health, make sure you use a small amount of toothpaste, and that they don’t swallow, something kids like to do, and something that could lead to fluorosis.

Change your toothbrush regularly

Another very important tip when it comes to everyday dental hygiene is to keep track of how long you have had your toothbrush and make sure you switch it out every 3 months getting a new one. After 3 months, a toothbrush loses its effectiveness and as such, you should get a new one every 3 months.

Do not smoke

As per the subject matter experts over at vita dental, the best place to go to in Spring Texas for dental services, smoking is a risk factor for gum disease and therefore if you are a smoker, you are at a high risk of developing gum disease. On top of that, smoking discolors teeth leading to yellow teeth as well as leading to a bad odor in your mouth.

Clean your brush regularly

While you shouldn’t rinse your mouth with water after brushing, you should still make sure you clean your toothbrush regularly by rinsing with water after use and then leaving it to dry out and not covering it as this will only lead to bacteria to cultivate on your brush.

Cut back on sugary foods and beverages

It has been proven by now that sugary foods are a big contributor to cavities. This is because plaque bacteria break down these sugars into acids that act on teeth leading to the formation of cavities and causing tooth decay. You should, therefore, make sure that you cut back on your intake of sugary foods and beverages, making sure that your intake of sugars is kept below 10% of your total daily calorie intake.

Instead, hydrate with water

Other than taking sodas and other sugar-sweetened beverages, whose effect has been highlighted above, then the gurus over at vita dental in Spring Texas recommends that you hydrate with water. If you feel like water is a bit bland, you can add some flavor into it by cutting in some cucumbers and such into your water.

Clean the inner surfaces of your teeth

It is also important that you not only brush the front-facing surfaces of your teeth, but you also clean the inner surfaces of your teeth, those facing the tongue and palate. In the same vein, you should also make sure that you clean your inner cheeks as well.

Use a mouthwash

Another tip worth mentioning when it comes to everyday dental hygiene is the use of mouthwash. A good mouthwash, one that is ADA approved, is key as it will get to areas that your toothbrush and floss can’t reach. Using a mouthwash will help back up your daily dental hygiene routine ensuring that your cleaning efforts are more effective. A good mouthwash also allows you to clean your teeth when you are on the go and can’t brush your teeth.

Stop snacking

If you are fond of snacking, then another tip by the gurus over at vita dental in Spring Texas is that you should cut back on your snacking habits. After having eaten dinner and you’ve brushed your teeth, snacking means that you will have to brush your teeth again before going to bed to ensure that food particles and sugars don’t stay on your teeth all through the night as you sleep. To prevent this, and also ensure that you don’t have to brush more than twice a day which is not recommended, then you should avoid snacking, especially midnight snacks.

If you are looking for more information on the above topic as well as the best dental services in Spring Texas, then you should head over to the highly-rated dentist in Spring, Tx.