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Elderly Dental Care: Why it Matters

Elderly Dental Care: Why it Matters 150 150 Tony

Elderly Dental Care: Why it Matters

Getting to grow old is a great blessing. The older one gets, the more the things change, and the more people tend to let go of some things. But one thing that should never change is dental care. Overall body health is very important for people who are old and the fact that dental health affects one’s overall body health, there shouldn’t be any compromise to anyone’s dental health.

Here are some reasons why Vita Dental Spring highly advocates for elderly dental care.

To Reduce The Chances Of Developing Heart Disease

It has been proven through research that there is an actual connection between heart disease and gum disease. The older one grows, the higher their chances or developing heart diseases. Poor dental care can increase your chances of developing heart disease. As such, taking measures to keep your dental hygiene standards at its best is one of the ways you can shield yourself against such strokes and heart attacks among other heart disease conditions.

Reduces Chances Of Developing Pneumonia

Pneumonia is another disease in the list of disease and health complications one gets exposed to when they have poor oral hygiene standards. Pneumonia can develop as a result of inhaling bacteria from the mouth into the lungs. Their dwelling in the lungs is what leads to pneumonia. Maintaining good oral hygiene is a great way to keep pneumonia at bay.

Reduces Chances Of Getting Diabetes

Just like heart disease and pneumonia, poor oral health can lead to one developing pneumonia. When you get gum disease, and it develops to a severe stage without being treated, this reduces the ability of the body to utilize insulin. As such, the elderly need to undergo regular dental checkups to have their oral health maintained at its best by treated gum infections as soon as they emerge.

Gum Disease Prevention

Lack of daily brushing and flossing and the consumption of tobacco products, among other unhealthy products can lead to the development of gum disease. Also, poor fitting of dentures and bridges and some diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and anemia can, also, cause one to get gum diseases. Elderly dental care ensures that the risk of developing gum disease. As noted earlier, gum disease often triggers other health complications.

Root Decay

The older one gets, the more the gums recede, and the roots start to become exposed. This exposes the root to decay, especially when one consumes foods with a lot of acids. As such, Vita Dental Spring advice that brushing after meals and the intake of fluid – particularly water – should be adhered to strictly for good dental health. This will help wash away any food particles and reduce the acidity in the mouth.

Basic Practices for Elderly Dental Care

The rules of dental care do not change when you get old. However, one needs to be keener and more efficient with regards to taking care of their teeth. To be able to keep your teeth strong and your oral health at its best even with old age, Vita Dental Spring recommends following these basic tips:

Brush at least twice in a day. With age, the gums become more fragile and hence it is advisable to use a toothbrush that has soft but effective bristles. In fact, you can get yourself an electric toothbrush that is approved by your dentist for effective tooth cleaning. The toothpaste you use has to have a fluoride to give your teeth the necessary protection.

Floss at least once a day to get rid of the food particles lying in between your teeth.

Rinse the mouth a recommended mouthwash at least once in a day.

If you have dentures, make a point of having them cleaned every day thoroughly. Also, you can take your dentures off for a few hours during the day and, also, take them off when you retire to bed at night.

Avoid consumption of substances that are harmful to your dental health and overall health like tobacco. This means that if you are a smoker, you should quit smoking entirely. Smoking and consumption of other tobacco products increase your chances of developing gum disease.

Consume healthy diets every day. The type of food you eat plays a very crucial role in determining how your dental health is. It is crucial to have well-balanced diets and to consume foods containing a lot of fiber and calcium to keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy even as you age further.

Another important practice in elderly dental care that should not be left out if seeing the dentist on a regular basis. While it is important to carry out the daily dental hygiene practices highlighted here, that alone is not enough. Visits to the dentist will ensure that your teeth are cleaned effectively, your overall oral health inspected and any complications with your dental health treated early before they develop and cause you more harm.

If keeping up with all these things proves to be difficult for you, you can get your loved one to help you.