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How E-Cigarettes Impact on Our Oral Health?

How E-Cigarettes Impact on Our Oral Health? 150 150 Tony

E-cigarettes, otherwise known as vaping has gained popularity over the years as the best alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes due to the poor health, stinky tobacco smell and air pollution effects among other things from tobacco smoking. Their battery-powered design allows them not to produce any smoke, given that they produce an aerosol, which you vape to get the nicotine stimulation that you would get from smoking a cigarette, only without the health risks. However, despite their substantial distribution within the market, e-cigarettes have not yet been thoroughly studied,and this new information is realized about these products as time goes. Recent studies have shown that e-cigarettes pose a certain level of threat to your oral health. The oral health problems caused by e-cigarette smoking may not be as detrimental to your oral health as tobacco smoking would be, but still, they are effects. Nicotine, being the stimulant that is consumed in both cases has its adverse impact on your oral wellness. This article courtesy of Vita Dental Spring elaborates how electronic cigarettes can pose a threat to your oral health to help you understand the risks your oral cavity is under every time you vape.

E-cigarette Impact on Oral Impact

An Attack on the Gums

Nicotine consumed regardless of the source that is through smoking chewing or vaping attacks the gums to affect your oral health. Nicotine is a vaso constrictor. Thus it is characterized to reduce the blood flow through the veins it comes across. Gums have veinsall around their physiological structure. Veins that are exposed to nicotine with every vaping puff you take. As are sultblood flow around the gums is reduced causing a deficiency in the required amount of oxygen and nutrients needed to sustain the gums. It gradually leads to the death of the gum tissue as a consequence of being deprived of the essential nutrients and oxygen it needs to survive and function. This effect of nicotine on the gum in professionally referred to as gum recession.

Effects of Nicotine on your Gum’s Health

A report submitted to and published in the Journal of the Indian Society of Periodontology expressed that nicotine whether delivered via traditional cigarette smoking or e-cigarette smoking contributes to the significant development of gingivitis and periodontitis. These among other oral health issues cause inflammation throughout the body not to mention bad breath. The development of these oral diseases is facilitated by nicotine’s ability to mask symptoms of gum diseases.

The diseases that attack the gums are usually made detectable by the blood flow that goes through the gums. That is traditionally characterized by the feelings of irritation, swelling (with blood) and bleeding gums when you brush or floss your teeth. These symptoms are however not experienced when there is a significant reduction in blood flow through your gums. At this point after a period of vaping one may be compelled to think that their gum disease has been cured as a result of vaping. Whereas, in areal sense, the symptoms of your gum disease have been inhibited by the vasoconstrictive abilities of nicotine.

The lack of detectable symptoms blinds both yourself and your dentist of the impending dental disease. That gives the disease ample time to develop making it harder to treat when it is at its peak.

Effects of Nicotine on your Oral Health

Aside from the vasoconstriction and concealing of dental diseases within your gums nicotine consumption also has adverse impacts on your general oral health. For one, e-cigarette smoking causes lousy breath despite its preference as an alternative to tobacco smoking over this issue. That is because the nicotine intake which has the vasoconstriction quality inhibits the mouth’s ability to produce saliva. Insufficient saliva makes your oral cavity susceptible to bacteria buildup which results in bad breath. Bad breath, however, is not the only effect of bacteria build up within the mouth. There is also dry mouth and tooth decay as a result of the vulnerability experienced in the mouth due to lack of saliva and increased bacteria.

Nicotine also intensifies grinding of teeth. As a stimulant nicotine fires up the muscles making you grind your teeth sometimes unconsciously and more intensely. That behavior wears out the enamelover time causing the outer structure weak and vulnerable. Add that to the bacteria buildup and your teeth will be experiencing severe tooth decay and cavities.

What to Do

At this point, the best and most efficient option is to stop your nicotine intake altogether. That,however, is not a very viable option for some e-cigarette users especially the bunch that uses it as a recovery alternative to tobacco smoking. In that case, the only other option is to stay vigilant in the state of your gum’s health. That would entail a regular visit to the best dentist’s office. A dentist will conduct a pocket reading; which involve schecking the space around every tooth that is naturally present and their attachment to the gums. Deeper pockets indicate a breakdown of tooth gum attachment thus showing the presence of gum disease. A visit to the experienced dentist for at-least once every three months for pocket readings reduces the development of gum diseases and enhances your oral health as an e-cigarette user.

All in all, your oral health is determined by your willingness to keep it healthy and the effectiveness of your dentist and the institution they work. Vita Family Dental care is one such institution with experienced staff and state of the art equipment best to deal with your dental health issues and enhance your dental health.