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Drinking with Braces: 5 Things to Consider

Drinking with Braces: 5 Things to Consider 150 150 Tony

Drinking with Braces: 5 Things to Consider

When you first get your braces from Vita Dental Spring, your orthodontist will give you advice on what you can drink and what you cannot. Braces require special care, to avoid breakage, pain, and discomfort in the mouth. If you have had them for a while, then you have probably realized some of the habits you have to avoid to keep your teeth healthy, and braces safe. To make your life more comfortable for a short period when you have your braces on, here are five things you should consider before you grab your favourite drinks.

Drinks with Ice

While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a cold beverage once in a while, chewing on the ice is one of the most dangerous things you can do when you have braces. A piece of the ice could easily break off one of the brackets or bends in your braces. The break will probably be painful and will force you to visit Vita Dental Spring. Your braces are meant to align your teeth, not to fuel unhealthy habits. Chewing on ice is not suitable for your teeth even without braces.

Please Avoid the Soda

Drinking soda is one of the most common habits, that we all develop right from childhood. This habit is challenging to stop but MUST be avoided. As long as you have your braces on, it is best to stay clear of sodas. Why? All soft drinks, however healthy they may look, have acids that cause decalcification, softening of the enamel, and eventual tooth weakening and loss. Soft drinks also contain significant amounts of sugar that causes cavities and gum disease. Oral health is of paramount importance during orthodontic treatments, and soft drinks present a double threat to your teeth.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are highly pigmented beverages which makes them unsuitable for people with braces. The pigment will stain your teeth, and the presence of braces, makes it even harder to wash off the stains afterwards. Also, sugar added to coffee and tea causes decay, especially if you do not clean properly. To reduce the chances of staining your teeth, avoid coffee or tea. You can also minimize the intake if it is impossible to avoid the two drinks. Also, if you have Invisalign aligners, hot coffee or tea could warp them, and prevent them from fitting correctly.

Alcoholic Beverages

Your dentist has probably advised you to avoid alcohol, mainly to preserve your teeth. Some drinks have high sugar content and without proper brushing and cleaning of the mouth, increase your chances of developing tooth decay. Also, drinks such as wine are known for their notorious tooth staining capacity. As long as you have braces, anything that stains your teeth is best avoided for a healthier mouth.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks contain high sugar levels which are bad for your teeth. Consuming too many of these drinks will weaken your teeth, primarily because they are highly acidic. When you have braces on, avoid any beverages that could erode the enamel, cause cavities or tooth decay.

Why Should You Avoid These Drinks?

Before your dentist at Vita Dental Spring even begins your treatment, all other teeth complications are treated first. Yes, gum disease, cavities, and staining are cleared to give the dentist a clean slate. If you regularly consume beverages that are dangerous for your teeth; you are giving your dentist more work. Your braces have to be removed to take care of a cavity, stains, or gum disease. This process is not only tiring for the dentist, but also for you. It is also wise to remember that subsequent cavity treatments may cost more.

What Are the Alternatives?

Even without soda, coffee, sports drinks in your menu, there are several healthier options for you, with the most basic being water. Here are some of the drinks you can consider when you get braces.





Tips for Healthier Teeth with Braces

Avoiding all the above-mentioned beverages is difficult, especially if you do not have an alternative. While it is healthier to avoid the drinks above altogether, it is also wise to know how to take care of your teeth, when you have to consume these drinks. Here are some of the tips you should know, especially if you have braces.

If you have to take drinks with ice, do not chew on the ice, and also use a straw.

Consume your drinks in instant sips rather than long sips. Sipping for long periods increases their impact on your teeth.

Cut down on the amount of coffee and tea that you consume daily.

Take your drinks with a meal.

If possible, brush your teeth after having our drink. This will remove excess sugar and stains.

Always have water with you to rinse off your teeth after having a drink.

Visit the dentist for regular cleaning to avoid plaque buildup which causes decay and gum disease.