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Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS- Hire for Best Dental Care Services in Katy

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We all agree that all dentists are not the same. Some are more qualified than others, have more years of experience and can handle more areas than others. Houston, Texas has very many dentists but only a couple can match the expertise and dexterity of Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS. The massively experienced general dentist operates in Katy Houston under the Vita Dental group has everything you want in a general dentist.

When it comes to selecting a new dentist there are a number of things to be considered. Chief among these considerations is whether you are looking for a general dentist for ongoing care, maintenance and check-ups, or whether you are looking for a dental specialist equipped to provide a specific treatment; restorative or cosmetic. You want someone who can competently handle a wide range of cases and age groups in the family. You want a personable dentist who knows how to handle you and help you get through the whole hectic procedure. Well, if you are in Katy and have been looking for a qualified dentist for all your cares, here is why Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS is the best Katy dentist and why you should always hire his services;

  1. Excellent Medical Qualifications

Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS is an intelligent person. He has shown his intelligence in life by overcoming all the possible barriers life presents (academic and social barriers). Doctor Sang Pil Yu graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science degree in General Science in 2004. He proceeded to continue his education in New York at New York University College of Dentistry and completed his DDS degree in 2010.He completed a 2-year course on Implantology seminar with World renowned Oral Surgeon Dr. Arun Garg. He was moulded all round during these years to become one of the best dentists Houston has ever seen.

  1. Massive Work Experience

Anyone looking for a dentist to hire, wants one who has been in the industry long enough to tackle the dental problems and issues that will present themselves. Well, Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS is not short of work experience; he has seen it all. He has been in the service well over 10 years and is massively experienced. He has competently handled dental problems in the past and you can count on him for any dental or orthodontic problem.

  1. Wide area of expertise

Although dentists who have specialized in few specific areas tend to perform better in these areas than general dentists, the latter have an upper hand because they can handle a wider range of dental problem. Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS is a Jack of all trades in almost. Although he has a preference and soft spot for endodontics, Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS can comfortably handle a number of areas in the dental niche. He is more than capable of handling dentistry phases like Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology and even Oral Surgery. This means that whatever problem you are suffering from, he is more than capable to step up to the challenge and help you.

  1. A friendly and personable dentist

Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS has lived in Houston since 2011. He has interacted with a good number of the locals here and knows what Houston loves. He is a friendly person, caring and charismatic. He is not one of the rogue dentists who live to torment patient and fellow workmates by barking instructions around. Right from the consultation period to the actual dental procedure, he will maintain and depict a high level of professionalism and excellence. He knows how to handle people of all age and backgrounds.

  1. Reputation

For Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS to become the best dentist in Houston, he had to work his way through the ranks. His commitment in excellent service delivery coupled with his good character have seen him become the one stop for dental problems in Houston. The people of Houston love and trust Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS. This is a reason enough for you to trust and hire him as well. He will handle you with such regard that you will be impressed.

  1. Fair rates

Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS and the Vita Dental group at large, are family-oriented. They are focussed more on putting smiles on the faces of the people of Houston than they are keen on raking in money. This means that they offer their services at an affordable rate always. They accept a range of payment methods and most of the medical insurances in Houston are covered as well.

Whether you are looking for a onetime dentist or a permanent family dentist in Katy, you have every reason to hire Dr. Sang Pil Yu, DDS. Visit their website at vitadentalhouston.com and hire him for the best dental services in Houston. They simply are the best Katy Dentists.