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Don’t Ignore These 10 Signs of Periodontal Disease

Don’t Ignore These 10 Signs of Periodontal Disease 150 150 Tony

Don’t Ignore These 10 Signs of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection that invades the structures surrounding the teeth. However, if it is caught early, it can be stopped. On the other hand, if the disease is not detected early, it could cause you to lose your teeth. Besides that, it might mean you have to deal with serious health problems such as heart disease. We at Vita Dental Spring understand this very well. Check out these ten signs of the disease you should not ignore.

Gum inflammation

This is a situation where your gums become swollen and change in color. When your gums are healthy, they have a bright pink color. If the gums are inflamed, they will turn dark red and will feel sore to touch. If this happens to you, ensure that you visit our dental office if you are in Spring, Texas. We can help to stop the periodontal disease from advancing.

Bad Breath

Another good sign of the disease is bad breath. You might notice that people tend to ignore standing too close to you. Besides that, you might notice that you have a nasty taste in your mouth most of the time. If you have been told that you have bad breath, ensure that you visit a dentist to help you find the cause. There is a good chance it is an early sign of periodontal disease.

Receding Gums

If you notice that your teeth are becoming longer, this might be because you have an early form of periodontal disease. The disease destroys tissues until there is nothing to support the tooth. If you are having a receding gum line, ensure that you visit your dentist. Do not wait for your annual checkup, just call him up, and tell him of the issue.

Bleeding Gums

If you have been told that bleeding gums is normal, it is not. If the gums are bleeding, it is probably because of the gums being so weak from an infection. Visit the dentist early on to help remedy the situation before it turns into full-blown periodontal disease.

Loose Teeth

Your teeth are supposed to be firmly fixed to your jaws. If for any reason you notice teeth start to wiggle, especially if you have not suffered from trauma, ensure you visit your dentist. It is a sign that the disease has reached into your roots and is causing them to weaken.

The teeth Shift Position

If over time you notice that your teeth are shifting out of position, you need to be checked for periodontal disease. This shift in their position indicates that there might be a weakening of the supporting tissue for the teeth. A dental expert can help to resolve the issue and ensure you do not loose teeth.

Temperature Sensitivity

If consuming something hot or cold causes you to experience agonizing pain, ensure you visit the dentist. This is a sure sign that you are about to suffer a periodontal disease attack. There is little chance that it could be anything else. Your dentist will quickly remedy the situation and save you from losing your teeth.

Soft and spongy gums

When your gums become inflamed, they start to draw in huge amounts of water. This causes them to feel spongy, even when they do not hurt. Ensure that you visit the dentist for treatment since this is a sure sign of periodontal disease onset. With time, the gums could actually start rotting and falling off, leaving you with a very unsightly gum line. With time, the teeth will eventually fall off due to lack of supporting tissue.

A Watery Secretion From the Gums

When you apply pressure on your gums, you might notice that a watery secretion comes out of them, especially if they appear swollen. The secretion you are seeing is pus. It shows that there are bacteria, which are eating away your soft tissues. It is crucial that you visit a dental expert as soon as you can. He or she will give you the right medication and conduct other procedures that he or she might deem necessary to stop its spread.

Blood in Your Mouth in The Morning

Sometimes, you will wake up with the taste of blood in your mouth. At other times, you might find actual blood at the corners of your mouth. If this happens more than once, it is a good sign that you have early-stage periodontal disease. With time, these bleeding tissues will rot and cause teeth to fall off. While treating the symptoms will be cheap, replacing teeth can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you have any of this signs, a simple brushing will not help you get rid of them. It is best to visit your dentist, who can confirm that there is nothing wrong with you. Otherwise, you risk contracting the periodontal disease.