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Do you need a Root Canal

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Do you need a Root Canal

The root canal process is a treatment done to repair a tooth that is infected, inflamed or dead. Surrounding a tooth, is a soft substance known as the pulp. This pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and many other connective tissues.

During the process, the damage pulp area of the tooth is removed. The remaining pulp is then cleaned, disinfected and filled to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth.

The below factors that can lead to the damage of the pulp:

Accidents and Trauma

Being involved in an accident that causes cracks or breakage within the tooth. The tooth is endangered by a great force leading to separation of the nerves. Accidents in this case could be a fight or a fall. The nerve can either die after some time or immediately.

Tooth Decay

This is the main reason that leads to root canals. When a large cavity develops, it can extend to the pulp chamber. If bacteria enter these chambers, the patient begins to feel pain and even develop infections.

However, when either of the above happens, the patient will experience different signs. According to Vita Dental Springs, these signs may include:


Pain is the first sign anybody experiences when the tooth has some problems or when the pulp area is infected, inflamed or injured. If not treated earlier enough, the pain becomes unbearable.

The pain is caused by nerves in the pulp being damaged by the developing canal. The tooth can even begin to hurt spontaneously in the middle of the night when one is not even eating or chewing anything.


A lot of people are sensitive to both cold and hot drinks or beverages. However, when you realize that the sensitivity lingers even after the cold or hot substance is withdrawn, then you may be in need of a root canal. Apart from being sensitive to drinks, one can be sensitive to heat as well.

Gum inflammation

The gums around the tooth get inflamed causing some severe pain and swelling. A pimple may also start growing on the gum line. It becomes painful with time as it continues to grow.


Abscess is an infection that causes swelling and bleeding around the tooth. The swelling can extend to the adjacent cheek, jaw, or even extend to the root tip.

Gum disease

When the persistent pain is not addressed in time, the gums will start developing diseases like gingivitis or tooth cavities.

Tooth discoloration

Tooth discoloration is caused by different things like tobacco, soda and many more others. However as one grows older, a tooth is easily discolored and it may be due to a developing canal in the root.

When one begins to experience any of these symptoms, it is advisable to visit Vita Dental Springs to eliminate the possibility of root canals. Several reasons can make one undergo root canal treatment which include:

Deep Decays

Cavities, also called tooth decay occur when bacteria in the mouth produce acids. These acids may end up eating the teeth.

If untreated, decays can turn to deeper decays causing extreme pain, infections and even loss of teeth. In some instances, if the decay is unnoticed it eventually damages the pulp thereby causing nerve disease.

Cracks Along Teeth

Chips, canals and trauma cause a root canal procedure. Most of the time our teeth are exposed to many stresses like chewing and grinding. Although minor cracks and chips can be healed by filling the teeth, more severe cracks may require root canal treatment rather than just filling of the tooth. The procedure becomes inevitable when the crack reaches the pulp of the tooth.

Large Fillings

When a cavity is left untreated, fillings are required to fill them. These fillings nonetheless may result into tooth decay. The decays increase the risk of root canal treatment.

Repeat Procedures

A tooth may be infected to an extent where repeated dental treatment is performed on it. When these procedures are done on a single tooth, there is an increase in the risk for canal treatment in the future. A tooth may require repeated dental procedures if the persistent treatment does not work out.

Root canal treatment has the following advantages:

Ability to Chew Food Normally

Restores one ability to bite and chew food painlessly. Cavities that develop on the tooth are usually very painful. The pain makes it hard for one to bite and chew food as usual. When root canal treatment is performed, one is relieved of the pain of having cavities.

Prevents Jawbone Degeneration

When the root is affected, it may cause severe pain to the jawbones. However, with a root canal, jawbone degeneration is minimized.

Although the process is of vital help, it comes along with its disadvantages. The process can be very costly in case one does not have a medical cover that can help in paying off the bills. Additionally, a tooth which has had a root canal performed on can also be very brittle.

With these and many other disadvantages, a root canal is still regarded as the best procedure as compared to tooth extraction.

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