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Do You Grind Your Teeth?  Learn How to Stop

Do You Grind Your Teeth?  Learn How to Stop 150 150 Tony

Do You Grind Your Teeth?  Learn How to Stop

Do you wake up to sore jaws and teeth and yet you slept when they were painless? A considerable percentage of teeth grinders are unaware of the action as it involuntary happens while they are asleep. A smaller portion of the teeth grinding population do it consciously. Most people who grind their teeth don’t find out by themselves. A parent could notice this habit when the child is asleep or the partner you share a bed with may get distracted by the noise. Until recently, teeth grinding has been a mystery in which a working theory proved that grinding is caused by stress in adults and some children. None the less, what is factual is that teeth grinding harms the teeth which pave the way for more oral health complications.

So you have noticed that you have teeth grinding complication that needs to be halted. What measures do you take to stop the habit?

Reduce Stress Contributing Factors

A larger percentage of teeth grinders have admitted to having stress although they have been unaware of the habit. Grinding teeth while asleep makes it hard for any victim to control. You could try and reduce the stress by diverting your attention to other activities such as yoga, exercise, join stress management classes, make appointments for therapy sessions, obtaining muscle relaxants prescriptions, changing diets and relaxing before going to bed. 

As for the kids, help them reduce any stress just before they go to bed. You could try and massage their feet and shoulders in order to relax the muscles or introduce stretching exercises. Also, ask your dentist to monitor your kid’s teeth to determine if they are grinders.

Get a Mouth Guard

The mouth guard comes a long way and is often referred to as a traditional way of protecting teeth during the night, but it sure does work. If you find out that you usually grind your teeth during the night, mouth guards could be helpful. Check in at The Vita Dental Spring clinic and speak to a qualified dentist about the mouth guard. The dentist will also take you through on how and when to use it in order to limit any long-term damages to your teeth.

Visit Your Dentist

With teeth grinding there are probabilities of the enamel becoming thinner by the day or chipping of the tooth enamel which eventually makes way for bacteria to breed and start a tooth decay or gum disease. Visiting your dentist puts you in a position to identify the problem early enough to curb it. The dentist will examine your tooth structure and begin a treatment plan immediately. It may include an occlusal appliance to protect your teeth from any external physical forces or a behavioral modification treatment to ease the grinding effects.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol can lead to anxiety which contributes to teeth grinding. For this reason, it is advisable that you avoid tea, wine, and coffee, soft drinks just before going to bed and instead substitute the beverages with milk or water. The latter helps you relax and get a peaceful sleep without grinding teeth.

Avoid Chewing Gum

Chewing gum creates a conditional reflex action by the brain that ensures that the chewing continues when asleep which causes teeth grinding. Chewing gum also worsens the condition by overworking your muscles that are already worn out from the night teeth grinding. This repetitive habit only causes more pain and discomfort in the long run.

Start Some Jaw Exercises During the Day

Dentists recommend day jaw exercises that strengthen the bones and relieve the pain and discomfort felt after teeth clenching. Professionals at the Vita Dental Spring clinic will take you through all the practices needed to regain that jaw strength while monitoring the progress. With this healthy habit, you are likely to find your jaws strong enough to withstand the teeth clenching menace.

Learning To Relax Your Jaw Muscles Consciously During the Day

For the day teeth grinders, it is easy to notice the habit since most do it regularly and deliberately. Once you’ve noticed this, try and train yourself to stop clenching the teeth by relaxing the jaw. It may be a bit hard to break the cycle, but eventually, the jaw muscles will follow suit and stop grinding teeth.

Determine What Causes Your Anxiety

They say you need to identify the problem in order to solve it. Anxiety also leads to teeth grinding. You may need to sit down and trace where the anxiety patterns emanate from; perhaps Sunday nights when expected to head into a presentation at work every Monday, or you are anxious about pregnancy and work at the same time. All these trigger teeth grinding unconsciously. Once you have identified the anxiety patterns, you could work on distracting the patterns. 

You may want to talk to a dentist about all corrective actions to help save your teeth. Vita Dental Spring Clinic welcomes you and attends to all your dental needs.