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Do I Need To Replace a Missing Tooth?

Do I Need To Replace a Missing Tooth? 150 150 Tony

Do I Need To Replace a Missing Tooth?

One of the most terrible news one can hear is being told that they have to get rid of their natural tooth. Sometimes tooth removal is inevitable and what follows next is the decision of whether or not you should replace the missing tooth. Sometimes you can stay with a missing tooth but some situations will require you to get your tooth replaced. Vita Dental explains further.

You can choose not to replace your missing tooth as it is possible to survive without teeth. However, when it gets to the point where the missing tooth causes the quality of your life to diminish, then you should consider getting a replacement for the same. Some of the circumstances that warrant the replacement of a missing tooth are highlighted below.

1.    If the missing tooth changes your smile and facial appearance

The teeth play a very key role in determining how one’s smile looks like. Having a full set of teeth goes a long way in making one look brighter when they smile. However, the story is different when one has a missing tooth. A visible tooth gap can make one self-conscious hence lowering their self-esteem.

The issue of self-consciousness is rather personal and different people can take their appearance in different ways. If it so happens that a missing tooth is causing your self-esteem to go low, then getting a tooth replacement is a great idea for you.

2.    When the missing tooth limits your oral functions

Teeth contribute much on how people operate daily. They have an effect on how one eats and, also, how they speak. Missing a tooth can make one unable to consume certain foods. For instance, if you happen to lose one of your canines, it can be quite hard for you to consume tough meat as you may not be able to tear it down to pieces, you can comfortably chew.

The same applies to speech. Losing a tooth can greatly alter how one speaks; especially if one is missing their front tooth. In the event that your oral functions become limited due to your missing tooth, then you definitely should consider getting your tooth replaced.

3.    To protect the other teeth from infection and shifting from their natural position

One of the dangers of having a missing tooth is that it exposes your gums and your adjacent teeth to agents of infection. It is much easier to puncture your gums when brushing and this may cause bacterial infection. Also, the teeth adjacent to the gap area become exposed to infection hence increasing the risk of decay.

All teeth play a role in ensuring that they grow while maintaining their natural orientation. This changes when one gets a missing tooth as the gap gives room for the adjacent teeth to grow in a skewed manner. The resulting change in bite often leads to pain in the teeth and joints.

Having your teeth replaced will go a long way in making sure that your teeth are not exposed to infections. It will, also, prevent your teeth from getting out of their natural orientation hence altering your bite.

4.    To avoid bone loss

Bone loss that happens along the jawline is yet another consequence that is associated with missing a tooth. This bone loss usually leads to one’s cheeks sinking and, also, causes their lips to shrink. The more the bone loss continues the more the sinking and the shrinking thus making one look much older than their actual age. This, also, alters how their smile looks like.

To avoid bone loss and the resulting degraded appearance, then you should consider getting a tooth replacement.

5.    When you are experiencing headaches and migraines because of the missing tooth

Missing a tooth, at times, can cause one to develop migraines and headaches that are usually as a result of the change in the positioning of your teeth. As stated earlier, a tooth gap usually causes the other teeth to grow in a skewed direction. This causes the occurrence of a misfit and hence causing joints and muscles to stiffen.

Replacing a missing tooth is evidently the best course of action to take. While it is possible to have a missing tooth replaced long after you lose the tooth, it is always advisable to have it replaced soon. This will prevent changes in your gum from occurring and, also, ensure that there is no bone loss. The timing, however, can vary since tooth replacement is dependent on other crucial factors. Your dentist should be able to guide as to when you can get your tooth replacement.

There are varied tooth replacement options available these days; the best being dental implants. The replacement option may vary from one person to another depending on their health condition, the type of tooth lost, the period in which they have stayed without the tooth, their age, and, also, their financial abilities. Regardless of the method chosen, getting your missing tooth replaced will ensure that your overall oral and body health is maintained.