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How Does Diet Effect your Oral Health?

How Does Diet Effect your Oral Health? 150 150 admin

You are what you eat! Yes the type of food you eat will determine your body health and a host of other body behaviors. One of the many aspects of our bodies that is directly affected by our diet is our oral health. This doesn’t come as a surprise though because the oral system is the first interaction point between the food we eat and our bodies. This is why the oral system normally bears the full brunt of the diet we partake.

Poor eating habits and choice of food will therefore have a very negative impact on our oral health. This is why it is important to pick up only the best eating habits if you care about your oral health.Here are 10 reasons and ways in which diet can affect your oral health-

10 Reasons- Diet Can Affect Your Oral Health

  1. Sugary foods kill teeth

If you are a fan of snacks and confectionery, then be assured that your oral healthy will undoubtedly be compromised. Sugary foods contain too much sugars on which the bacteria in the mouth feed on. With the sufficient sugar supply in the mouth, there is fodder for the bacteria to feed on and they will have the energy to work on your teeth. This is why we are always advised to stay away from sugary foods if we care about our teeth.

  1. Acidic foods will erode your teeth

The other thing you should be weary of is the acidity of the foods we eat. Drinks and beverages which have very high acidic levels will cause tooth erosion and will result in the development of cavities. The acid reacts with the chemical elements contained in teeth and renders teeth very weak. Cavities and dental decay follow and your oral health is greatly affected.

  1. Foods rich in calcium are good for your dental health

Make sure you eat foods rich in calcium as they bolster the proper development of teeth. Calcium is instrumental in the proper development of bones and teeth and it should therefore be a vital part of your diet. Some of the foods rich in calcium include raw milk, yogurt, cheese, sardines and broccoli.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Water is as effective as mouthwash at swishing away stuck particles and residue from teeth. It also keeps your gums hydrated while stimulating saliva – the best defense against bacteria. You should therefore drink lots and lots of water every single day and your oral health will be given a vital boost.

  1. Eat foods with natural raisins

Naturally sweet raisins contain phytochemicals like oleanolic acid that inhibit two species of oral bacteria to prevent cavities and gum disease. Unsweetenedcranberries contain polyphenols, which may keep plaque from sticking to teeth, thus lowering the risk of cavities and a host of other dental complications. Make them part of your diet and you will realize a very big difference in your oral health. healthy foods always make a good oral health.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is not just harmful to your liver but will compromise your oral health. It accelerates the development of cavities and dental decay and causes bad breath in the mouth. Substitute your love for alcohol with natural juice or milk and your oral health will have improved drastically.

  1. Chew gum or sugarcane when you can

Chewing sugar cane is very good for your oral health. Sugar cane contains vital nutrients needed in the body and also serves as a practice for your teeth. Chewing sugarless gum is also as important as chewing cane. Your teeth will be stronger and more immune to infections.

  1. Eat nutritious fruits

Fruits are rich in vitamin and other nutrients required for proper development of teeth. Fruits such as apples, oranges, melon and grapes are not only nutritious but help with strengthening your teeth as you chew.

  1. Avoid grinding teeth when eating

Some people grind their teeth when eating and this affects their oral health. Avoid teeth grinding at all costs and you will realize a drastic change in your oral health. Grinding wears teeth down and makes them susceptible to cavities and attack from bacteria.

  1. Avoid chewing bones

Some people believe that chewing bones will make their teeth strong. This is far from the truth and is actually a leading cause of teeth breakages and chipping. Chewing hard foods such as bones will be putting your oral health at risk and should be avoided at all costs.

The food you eat will directly affect the state of your oral health and you should therefore be very careful on your choice of food and your dental habits. Discuss with your dentist and seek advice on the best foods and diet to help promote your oral hygiene. If you are in Katy are looking for the best dentists to offer such advice, give us a call here at Vita Dental care in Houston and we will gladly advise you on the same.