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Dentures vs. Implants: Pros and Cons – 10 Facts

Dentures vs. Implants: Pros and Cons – 10 Facts 150 150 Tony

Dentures vs. Implants: Pros and Cons – 10 Facts

When you are looking for a way to solve your dental issues, it is important that you understand the pros and cons of implants and dentures. We at Vita Dental Spring have decided to examine these issues for you and tell you what will happen.

For many years, the use of dentures was the only option if you were missing teeth. You will most likely recognize some people in your life that use dentures. The dentures are designed to fit in the mouth and secured with an adhesive. They are taken out daily before bed and soaked in a dental solution. No matter how good dentures look, they never feel like real teeth. Nonetheless, some people love the ability to remove teeth as needed.

However, the longer teeth are out of the mouth, the weaker the jaw becomes. With time, it starts to deteriorate. If your jaw is too weak, your only option could be dentures. However, you must realize that dentures will slip out occasionally no matter the adhesive you use.

Just like all other decisions, the choice as to whether to use dentures or implants comes down to the pros and cons. Good quality must be a major consideration if you want teeth to look good. Dentures are good for cosmetic reasons like smiling. You dentures will last five years and you will need to change them after that.

Pros of Dentures

  • They cost less than dental implants
  • They can be used by anyone with missing teeth
  • They are removable at any time you feel uncomfortable
  • They are quite easy to clean once taken out of the mouth
  • They offer an easy and immediate solution as you wait for the mouth to heal
  • They are fitted without the need for surgery
  • If you lose more teeth, the dentures can be re-designed to accommodate the new losses

Cons of Dentures

  • They do not function like real teeth
  • They are prone to slipping out while eating, speaking and fixing them back can prove quite embarrassing at times
  • They prevent you from taking certain foods
  • They do not prevent bone loss since they do not require support from the jawbone
  • They increase the risk of catching gum disease if not cleaned well
  • They need to replace once every 5 years
  • They are prone to breaking if they drop
  • Partial dentures will weaken the adjacent teeth and cause them to fall out

About the implants

Implants usually come as a titanium post that is topped with a crown or denture. Implants are designed to resemble your real teeth. The post will fuse with your jaw over time ad become part of your body. This is even good for preserving the jawbone compared to getting dentures.

When implants are used with dentures, they are called overdentures. There is a recent dental invention so that the dentures can feel as close to real teeth as possible. The dentures will come with clips, which allow them to be fixed to the implants.

While the conventional dentures are secured with an adhesive and often slide, the overdentures never slid or move since they are attached to the jawbone. With implants, things like speaking and eating will not be a challenge. In fact, you will be more comfortable just like if you had real teeth.

Implants will often last a lifetime. In fact, a dentist could even give you a lifetime warranty in case they ever fall out. However, the crown itself will need to be changed, which makes implants a more permanent option than any other dental procedure known to man. However, be ready to pay just a bit more if you want to get dentures.

Pros of Dental Implants

  • They look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. It is hard to tell implants and teeth apart
  • They are made to last a lifetime. One only needs to carry out proper care for them
  • Unlike dentures, they are quite easy to maintain. You only need to floss and brush like real teeth
  • They will let you consume any type of food with no restrictions
  • The implants help to preserve the jawbone mass

Cons of Dental Implants

  • They are quite costly compared to getting dentures
  • They will require you to undergo surgery. Just like any other surgery, complications could arise during the operation

Which one is Right for You?

When choosing dentures or implants, you will need to compare things such as your lifestyle, your finances, and your health. You should know how much you are ready to compromise and what you are not ready to. This is because it might be hard to find a service that completely meets all your needs. However, you are lucky since we at Vita Dental Spring will offer you a consultation to consider your options. We can then tell you whether you could use dentures or you are a candidate for implants.