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Why Dentist Use Laughing Gas – Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas

Why Dentist Use Laughing Gas – Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Why Dentist Use Laughing Gas – Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is often used in sedation dentistry. To administer the gas, the dentist will place a mask over the patient and cause them to inhale the gas. The administering of this gas is carefully monitored. When the gas reaches your body, it causes you to be in a euphoric state, and you become relaxed. Any anxiety or fear you had will quickly fade away. This method is quite safe and effective. We at Vita Dental often use it as a means of sedation. Here are some of the reasons why we prefer to use laughing gas. 

It helps with anxiety control

Laughing gas is quite effective at mild anxiety control. This is the anxiety most patients experience when they visit the dentist. With an accurate dose of laughing gas, patients become relaxed and fully co-operate with the dentist to complete the procedure. Besides that, it ensures that they are more likely to show up for their next dental visit.

Controls pain

Laughing gas does not just reduce anxiety but pain as well. The gas works by increasing the pain threshold of the individual. Although the pain relief is mild, it can be more than enough for no-invasive operations. Thus, it reduces the need for local anesthesia. It is also quite effective for people that have a problem getting numb.

It ensures there is continuous communication

Laughing gas offers only light sedation. Thus, the patient is able to speak with the dentist and respond to any instructions. Besides that, it ensures that protective reflexes are still there.

There is no need for extensive preparations

For a regular dental visit, if the doctor finds that you need a procedure performed, they can simply use laughing gas. For other types of sedation, you would need to come with someone to drive you back home. Besides that, you may need to undergo an examination to check if you are compatible with other types of sedation. With laughing gas, you get the procedure done, and you drive yourself back home.

It acts fast

It pain relieving anti-anxiety effects are felt within just two minutes of the gas being administered. That means you will not have to spend too much time on the dentist’s chair.

There are no needles

If you are one of those that fear needles, you will be happy to know that this gas is administered without any needles. However, even if it turns out that there are needles involved, you will be so relaxed that you will not fear being stabbed with the needle.

The sedation can be adjusted

This gas levels can be adjusted with ease to any level the dentist desires with the simple turning of a valve. This is different from oral sedation, which is only administered in fixed doses. Thus, you are usually either too sedated or not sedated enough. The dentist can simply increase nitrous oxide levels until they determine a patient has reached the right amount of sedation.

There is a flexible duration

If you go for oral sedation, the treatment has to be stopped once the sedative runs out. This is because the body works to get rid of the sedative after a given period. However, with nitrous oxide, the dentist can continue to administer the gas for as long as they need.

The safety

The use of laughing gas has proven safe in all the years it has been used by dentists. There are no major side effects reported, and most of them are usually reversible after some time. When combined with the right kind of patient monitoring, this treatment is usually quite safe.

Short recovery times

After the flow of laughing gas is stopped, you will be given pure oxygen for about five minutes. This will ensure that you fully recover. With this, about 99 percent of NO2 is expelled from your lungs. Besides that, there is no hangover effect common with oral sedatives. You can even get back into your car and drive home.

You do not require an escort

With other types of sedation, the dentist will not perform the operation until you come with an escort. However, with laughing gas, there is no need for such. Thus, you do not have to inconvenience anyone at home because you require a certain procedure performed. The doctor will usually give you a few minutes, during which they will check that you have fully recovered. Then they will allow you to drive yourself home.

It is recommended for both children and adults

NO2 can cover the slight sedation requirements of most patients that suffer from dental anxiety. Besides that, it is a great option for patients with serious issues such as bleeding disorders, liver and kidney problems, and many others who cannot use general anesthesia.

Additionally, this type of sedation ensures that the dental procedures take place faster. Having a relaxed patient means that the dentist will not waste so much time trying to get the patient to comply.