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Why Dentist Polish Teeth – Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas

Why Dentist Polish Teeth – Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas 150 150 Tony

Why Dentist Polish Teeth – Ask a Dentist in Spring Texas

If you want your teeth to feel and look good, you should get a dental polish. This process involves the smoothing of the tooth surface using a low-speed dental tool. Some do it for cosmetic purposes, but it also has many other practical benefits. Here at Vita Dental, we do professional dental polishing, and we would like you to know some of the reason why we may have to polish your teeth.

A Bit of History on Polishing

For many years, dental practitioners would polish teeth as a standard practice. However, some research later discovered that polishing usually erodes some of the enamel. For then on, the standard of care shift to selective polishing. The American Dental Hygienist’s Association backed this concept.

To the ADHA, polishing was mainly cosmetic, and it did not have any therapeutic value. They also noted that flossing combined with thorough brushing could produce the same effect as polishing. Additionally, they noted that too much polishing could erode fluoride in the upper layer of the enamel.

Their conclusion was that polishing should only take place when needed. In short, the dentist should select the teeth that require polishing and polish only those teeth. Besides that, they should take care to work around any cosmetic restorations.

However, various people in the field of dentistry have questioned this decision. The ruling was controversial since it was done with the primary aim of keeping coronal polishing away from dental assistants. Despite this, that has not been too successful. Nearly half the states will allow dental assistants to practice coronal polishing if they have had the right training.

Besides that, the recommendations were published at a time when the ADHA did not represent most of the dental hygienist in the US. Since its decision, the membership has grown significantly.

The reality on the ground is that selective polishing rarely occurs. Most dentists will perform as full oral polishing as part of their prophylaxis procedure. If a patient does not get it, they will usually feel shortchanged. Besides that, the idea that polishing has no real benefits has been challenged quite a lot. Most practitioners will tell you that there are real benefits.

Here at Vita dental, we have listed some of the real benefits that you get when you come for a dental polishing. Note that these are only a few of the benefits you will get from this procedure.

It helps to prevent cavities

If plaque is allowed to build up on your teeth, it slowly starts to eat away at the enamel. The result is that it can lead to major cavities. If you polish your teeth occasionally, it will help to get rid of this film on the teeth, which causes your enamel to erode and your teeth to rot.

It helps avoid tooth loss

Plaque does not just build up on the teeth but around the gums as well. If it is allowed to become too much, it usually leads to gum disease. This can sometimes be so extreme that teeth start falling out. This usually happens since the infection spread beyond the gums and into the jawbone. When this happens, the jaw is unable to hold your teeth in place, and they fall out. A good polishing can help to ensure that plaque buildup does not lead to such problems.

For fresh breath

The last thing you want in your life is to walk around smelling like an open sewer. This can have serious consequences on your dating life. No one wants you to kiss him or her with a stinky mouth. A good tooth polishing will help to ensure that you do not have a nasty odor coming out of your mouth.

It brightens your smile

When you take foods and drinks such as coffee, red wine, berries, and tea, they usually leave a stain on your teeth. If you do not get rid of this stain, it can have a permanent impact on your self-confidence. A polishing will help to get rid of this stain thus restoring your self-confidence.

It is good for your health

Going for a dental polishing can help you avoid diseases such as heart ailments and stroke. During the polishing, the dentist can help to identify signs of these illnesses, which may help to save your life.

It saves you money

If you polish your teeth, it can help you to save a huge portion of your money. Having rotted teeth fixed can be quite costly compared to a simple dental polishing. Besides that, the dentist is able to examine the teeth and notice any potential dental issues before they get too serious. This can help to save you quite a lot of money.

In most cases, you can polish teeth about twice a year. If you do this twice a year, this could help you to enjoy all the benefits listed above.