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Dentist Near Me Spring Texas: Bridges

Dentist Near Me Spring Texas: Bridges 150 150 Tony

Dentist Near Me Spring Texas: Bridges

We are always reminded by our dentists to take care of our teeth by practicing good oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing regularly, watching our diet as well as visiting our dentist for regular checkups, at least twice each year. We are also always reminded to protect our teeth when participating in sporting activity with the use of mouth guards so as to help avoid and lessen the impact of any dental injuries. All this is so that we can keep our teeth intact, and avoid suffering from missing teeth. Despite this, a number of Americans are missing teeth, with the facts and figures according to the American Dental Association revealing that on average, adults between the age of 20 and 64 have at least 3 teeth that are either decayed or missing. This just goes to show just how big a problem missing teeth are and why the need for help with this problem has never been greater. If you are unable to prevent missing teeth, the good news is that there are a number of options available for you out there to fix this issue. One of them is dental bridges, and with the help of the excellent in Spring Texas, this article will look to take a look at what they are with the aim of providing you with adequate information if you are looking to have the procedure done.

First we are going to take a look at what dental bridges are. Here, as their name suggests, they replace missing teeth by bridging the gap left behind by one or more missing teeth. A dental bridge usually consists of a pontic, or false tooth, which is usually made out of porcelain to resemble your natural teeth, which is anchored in place by your natural teeth on either side of the gap due to the missing tooth or teeth. The teeth that anchor the dental bridge in place are called abutment teeth. It is also important to note some of the benefits that will come your way when you get a dental bridge, with the highly regarded being the best place to visit in Spring Texas. The most obvious benefit is that it will restore your smile by fixing your missing teeth problem as well as restore your ability to speak and chew properly, all of which would have been compromised by the missing teeth. Bridges will also prevent bone loss in your jawbone hence helping maintaining the shape of your face among other benefits.

Next up, we are going to look at the types of dental bridges that are available for you, all of which are available over at in Spring Texas. Traditional bridges is one of them and it consists of one pontic or more being anchored in place by dental crowns that have been attached to each of the abutment teeth on either side of the gap. These are the most common type of dental bridges and are used if you have natural teeth on either side of the gap due to the missing tooth or teeth. Cantilever bridges are another type of dental bridges with these being used if you have adjacent natural teeth on only one side of the gap due to the missing tooth or teeth. It is not that common anymore as a procedure. We also have the Maryland dental bridges which also make use of two natural teeth either side of the gap to serve as abutment teeth, although unlike traditional bridges which use dental crowns attached to the abutment teeth, these use either a metal framework or a porcelain framework which is bonded onto the backs of the abutment teeth. You also have to have a natural tooth on either side of the gap to get a Maryland dental bridge. Finally, we also have implant-supported bridges which are supported by dental implants and not by crowns or frameworks.

Next up we are going to take a look at the procedure of getting a dental bridge. The first step that is undertaken during the first visit is to prepare the abutment teeth. This involves reshaping and filing of these teeth so as to allow room for a crown to be placed. You will then have the impressions of your teeth taken to serve as a model from which the pontics, crowns and the bridge will be made so as to ensure they resemble your teeth. While the bridge is being prepared, you will be required to wear a temporary bridge to protect the exposed gums and teeth. Once your bridge has been made, the temporary one will be removed and the bridge placed, making adjustments to ensure it fits properly. You may require a number of visits for adjustments on fit and bite to be made. The cost of getting dental bridges also vary depending on the type of the bridge and other factors, although the highly regarded in Spring Texas have got excellent payment plans that will help make them affordable to you. If you take care of your dental bridge, then it may last for 10 years or more.

Remember, don’t forget to check out the excellent in Spring Texas for the best services as far as dental bridges are concerned as well as more information on the same.