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Dentist in Spring Texas – Will Dentist Remove Tonsil Stones

Dentist in Spring Texas – Will Dentist Remove Tonsil Stones 150 150 Tony

Dentist in Spring Texas – Will Dentist Remove Tonsil Stones

At Vita Dental, many patients with tonsil stones visit us to have them removed. Most of them want them removed due to their bad breath. Others want them removed because of the discomfort associated with them while others simply do not like their appearance. If you have never had tonsil stones you are probably wondering what they are.

Tonsillolith or tonsil stones are lumps that develop after the accumulation of dead cells, bacteria, food debris, mucus, and fungus at the surface of your tonsils. When the debris calcifies, they form tonsil stones. The stones can lead to bad breath, discomfort, and chronic inflammation.

When the stones are not treated or removed, the bacteria continue to multiply which leads to increased inflammation. A person with tonsil stones might complain of discomfort while swallowing or ear pain due to the swelling of the tonsils. Due to the accumulation of bacteria and dead cells, tonsil stones might also lead to a foul rotten egg smell in your mouth.  A tonsil stone will be white, grey or orange-yellow in colour and have a round appearance. Children and adolescents are more prone to tonsil stones than adults. Another risk group are patients that have had acute or chronic inflammation of their tonsils.

Do Dentists Remove Tonsil Stones?

Most patients with tonsil stones often seek a remedy from their dentists, as they want them removed immediately. However, it is essential to note that dentists do not remove tonsil stones but he or she will suggest a number of remedies that you can use at home before resulting to any drastic measures. Some of these remedies are discussed below.

  • Drinking water

Your dentist might advise you to drink lots of water as this might help flush the debris away. Additionally, this is a good preventive method to avoid tonsil stones as staying hydrated will reduce the viscosity of mucus and saliva in your mouth which will prevent them from clogging your tonsils.

You can use a Waterpik or oral irrigator to shoot a steady stream of water at the tonsil stone to dislodge it. The spray of water should be kept at a minimum to prevent the irritation of the tonsils. An irrigator that is recommended is one that is connected to the faucet since the spray of the water can be adjusted to prevent injury.

  • Physical activity

Any kind of physical activity such as running, yoga or any kind of sports is said to help lymph fluids move more freely in your mouth and body. Your dentist might suggest head and neck exercises or Kundalini yoga, which can help dislodge the tonsil stone.

  • Salty water gargle

Salty water makes the perfect gargling solution. Salt will purify your mouth and disrupt the formation of the tonsil stones by flushing out any accumulation that might have formed. You will need to tilt your head back so that the salty water reaches the tonsils.

  • Strong coughs

This simple solution often works. A few strong coughs can dislodge the tonsil stone. It is recommended that a patient should push the root of the tongue up and forward in an attempt to squeeze the tonsil to make it easier to dislodge the stone.

  • Wait

Some patients just hate the feeling that they have something lodged at the back of their mouth. If the tonsil stone is not smelly and it is not too large, your dentist might advise you to wait for it to fall out on its own. Most tonsil stones do pop out on their own after a few months or weeks.

  • Use of cotton swabs

A dentist might help by reaching the back of your mouth using a soft cotton swab to wipe the stone off. Although this might look like a simple procedure, it is not and most dentists will not recommend it. This is because it is very risky as the wrong move can injure sensitive tissue as tonsils have a steady supply of blood vessels. Additionally, you can also activate your gag reflex if you touch the wrong place, which can make you feel like you are choking.

  • Surgical removal of the tonsil stone

In rare occasions, the tonsil stone might become too large and might cause too much discomfort. In such cases, surgery might be necessary to remove it. Your dentist will refer you to an ear, nose, and throat doctor who will remove the tonsil stone.

What can you do to prevent tonsil stones?

At Vita Dental, we might not remove your tonsil stones. However, we will give you the right advice to help you remove them and prevent them from recurring. Some of the common preventive methods you can use include:

  • Proper oral hygiene

Frequently cleaning your teeth and flossing them with sulfur-free products will help reduce the amount of debris and bacteria in your mouth. This can reduce the risk of you getting tonsil stones.

  • Eating proper diet

Eating a vegetarian or raw diet can reduce your risk of getting tonsil stones. Limit starchy food, red meat, sugar, and dairy products from your diet as these foods provide the right environment for bacteria to thrive.