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Dentist in Spring Texas – How Dentist Whiten Teeth

Dentist in Spring Texas – How Dentist Whiten Teeth 150 150 Tony

Dentist in Spring Texas – How Dentist Whiten Teeth

Tooth whitening is a procedure used to lighten teeth and remove stains on the teeth. Whitening is quite a popular cosmetic dental procedure. In the US today, most dentists will readily agree to whiten your teeth. Whitening is not a one-time thing. It needs to be done often if you wish to maintain the bright color.

What Causes Stained Teeth?

Some of the reasons people have stained teeth are because of tobacco use, drinking dark liquids like coffee, tea, and cola, not taking care of teeth, and aging. It is also possible to develop stains inside teeth. Things such as too much fluoride in the water often cause these stains.

In other cases, antibiotics and other medications cause stains inside teeth. These stains can develop when the mother is pregnant if she takes the medication. Another cause of dark teeth is trauma.

How it is done

Teeth whitening can be divided into two types. Vital whitening is for teeth that have nerves while non-vital whitening is for teeth that have undergone a root canal.

Vital Whitening

This is a common type of teeth whitening and is done using a gel. The gel is applied to teeth. This gel usually contains hydrogen peroxide. The whitening can take place at the dental office or at home. At the dental office, the dentist will use a powerful whitening gel combined with a special light to activate the gel.

The in-office whitening at Vita Dental Springs will take about half an hour to an hour. To whiten the teeth well, you need to visit the dental office about three times. The visits may be more or less depending on the extent of your staining and your personal preference for whiteness. Besides that, your genes will determine how well you respond to the whitening.

Firstly, your dentist will apply a material that protects the gums. He or she will then apply the whitening agent to the teeth. Some whitening agents require laser activation or heat activation. After applying the gel, he or she will shine the light on your teeth. If the staining is too much, the dentist may tell you to continue with whitening at home.

Home Whitening

For home whitening, the dentist takes impressions of your teeth and creates a custom mouthpiece. The mouthpiece should fit well to ensure the whitening agent and your teeth are in contact.

At home, fill each mouthpiece with the whitening agent that your dentist gave you. You need to wear the mouthpiece a few hours daily. Many people achieve the desired teeth whiteness in just a week. However, you might have to wear your mouthpiece for much longer.

You can also purchase whitening device OTC. They have a weaker whitening agent than what you get from the dentist. Thus, the whitening often takes longer. The whitening agent is placed on a strip that you stick to your teeth. The OTC mouthpieces also fit less snugly onto the teeth.  Another OTC product is whitening toothpaste. These toothpaste will have abrasives that help to get rid of the stain on your teeth.

Non-Vital Whitening

If a tooth has had a root canal, normal whitening may not work since the stain is from inside. In such an instance, you will need a procedure that whitens teeth from inside. The dental expert will place a whitening agent inside the tooth and place a filling over it. This agent is left inside the tooth for a few days. It is often done only once. However, it can be repeated until you achieve the desired whiteness.

Other Tips

If your gums become white and sore, you should contact the dentist. You should also know that whitening is not permanent. The stains always come back. It is especially so if you smoke often and consume staining foods or drinks like coffee. However, if you stay far from these causes of staining, you could have white teeth for as long as six months.

The re-whitening can take place at home or at the dental office. If you already have a mouthpiece and a whitening agent in your home, you can whiten teeth as much as you like. However, make sure you talk things over with the dentist first. He or she can even help you to pick the best whitening product for your particular case.

The Risks

Whitening comes with little or no risks. However, some people talk about teeth sensitivity after whitening their teeth. Besides that, if you have a small cut in your mouth it can become quite sore after you whiten the teeth. Even without a cut, your gums may become a bit irritated. Whitening is also not recommended for pregnant women. This is because there is not enough data to show how whitening products affect the fetus. Since it is something cosmetic, you should wait until you deliver to have the teeth whitening done. Otherwise, whiten teeth as much as you like unless your dentist says otherwise.