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Dentist in Spring Texas – How Dentist put Our Braces on Teeth

Dentist in Spring Texas – How Dentist put Our Braces on Teeth 150 150 Tony

Dentist in Spring Texas – How Dentist put Our Braces on Teeth

Braces are part of the orthodontic field used to reposition teeth in order to retain a perfect teeth alignment. If you or your loved one requires braces, achieving an adorable smile eventually, is part of the excitement. Anxiety is also part of the process especially if you have already settled for the treatment.

Consultation And Examination

Not all patients are good candidates for brace fixing. The first step is to visit an orthodontist who will examine your teeth manually and with the use of X-ray images. The orthodontist will then critically analyze if the candidate is deemed right for brace fixing. The orthodontist is likely to brief you about the tiny details about the procedure, what it entails, types of braces and which ones would suit you. It is essential for the patient to provide the medical and dental history as this acts as a guide to the proper treatment procedures.

Fitting The Braces

The orthodontist will help you schedule an appointment when he or she can fit the braces properly with no hurry. Fitting the braces requires a few steps where the first entails on using a check retractor that makes sure the teeth remain visible and dry throughout the procedure while fitting the braces. The teeth should be polished, air dried, conditioned to help the bonds form just before placing the brackets.

The orthodontist will apply dental cement to hold the brackets in place in a position the orthodontist sees best during the examination. The bond between the brackets and the teeth is tightened with a high-intensity light while excess dental cement can be removed if deemed necessary.

The cheek retractor is then retrieved once the dental braces are put into place. The dental arch wires are then put in exact dimensions as determined by the orthodontist. It takes about roughly 20 to 30 minutes to have the procedure completed.


The orthodontist will advice regular appointments to change the positions of the dental wires and also check if the repositioning of the teeth is proper. Moreover, the elastic ties that hold the wires, tend to stretch and become weaker with time, so the pressure used to reposition the teeth is reduced. The elastic ties should be removed and replaced with new ones. 

Each appointment should analyze the movement of teeth and check on the progress with the dental braces. This, in turn, helps make ongoing decisions concerning the braces. Due to the tightening of the wires, in every appointment, most patients are likely to feel some soreness in the mouth shortly after the procedure. Simple painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol may help relieve the pain especially when eating or even talking.

What Can One Do To Ease The Pain?

You could try to eat soft foods for the first few days. Foods like yoghurt, cheese, mashed potatoes, and scrambled eggs; in short food that won’t hurt your teeth any further. Your orthodontist may also prescribe you an orthodontic wax to be applied to the brackets by rubbing the inside of the mouth. Hot beverages could increase the discomfort hence avoid at least for the first few days. If you feel some sores in the mouth, rinse thoroughly with some salty water or an oral anesthetic like orajel to ease the pain.

Mostly the orthodontist will schedule an appointment after every three weeks to allow for teeth to reposition. The frequency of appointments is determined by the capacity of intended movement of teeth and the type of dental wire to be used.

Removal Of Braces

The success of braces is met after the teeth have been repositioned to the desired look. This is determined by the orthodontist who then affirms the decision to remove the braces from the patient. The process is simple and painless.

Firstly, the ties and wires are loosened and removed, typically the same process that occurs during each adjustment. The bond of dental cement located between the teeth and brackets are then broken gently by applying a little force to the base of the brackets then squeezing which weakens the adhesive bonds. The bond remains on the teeth so as not to cause any damage to the enamel during the removal process. The remaining cement is often removed using a dental handpiece similar to a curette or scalar.

A retainer is then placed to help support the teeth in their new positions after the treatment period. Even after the braces are removed, it is advisable to keep visiting the orthodontist for a checkup and assurance that the teeth have retained their final positions. 

Unlike some dental procedures that don’t require frequent follow up by the orthodontist, acquiring the desired alignment will take constant and frequent check-ups. Check in at out Vita Dental Spring clinic to have the very best consultation, examination, and treatment services. Let us help you restore that beautiful smile.