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Dental Teeth Whitening: Dentist In Spring Texas

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Dental Teeth Whitening: Dentist in Spring Texas

Dark foods and drinks such as dark chocolate, soft drinks and sodas, red wine, coffee among others as well as tobacco of those who smoke cigarettes have the capacity to leave dark stains on your teeth, especially as a result of prolonged use. Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, it may not be enough, as even though this may help remove the food particles causing the stains, it may not be enough to get all the stain-causing particles and residual particles may still remain on your gums and teeth. Over time, you will begin to notice that your teeth are becoming stained more and more, and this may have an impact on your smile as over time your smile will become less vibrant and easy on the eye. This will eventually have a great impact on your confidence as if you have stained teeth, you may become guarded when smiling in photos and in public places. The good news however, is that there is a safe way to restore the bright, white color of your teeth and improve your smile, one that is very effective; dental teeth whitening. While there are a number of teeth whitening treatments out there, the most effective systems, and not to mention the safest, are the professional ones that are done by your dentist in spring tx over at their office and this article will look to take a closer look at these dental teeth whitening procedures.

The first thing we are going to highlight as far dental teeth whitening is concerned is on what the procedure entails. The very first step as far as these dental teeth whitening treatments are concerned, is that the dentist will assess you to ascertain if you are a suitable candidate for the treatment, as there are cases of discoloration and staining that can’t be treated by teeth whitening treatments. After the  Cosmetic Dentist in Spring Tx establishes that you are suitable for the treatment, then the first thing that is done is a photo of your teeth is taken to help the dentist monitor how the treatment is coming along. After, the dentist will clean your teeth to remove the plaque and tartar on the teeth and gums. After this, the dentist will place a gel or rubber shield on your gums so as to protect them from the whitening bleach. It should be noted that the product that is used in dental teeth whitening procedures is of a higher concentration that the ones available over the counter. This is probably why they are more effective and why they should only be handled by a dentist or in supervision of one. When the protection for your gums is in place, the whitening product is then applied to your teeth, with the dentist using a special tray that fits into your mouth to administer the product.

The next thing we are going to look at as far as the dental teeth whitening procedure is concerned is on the duration of the treatment. In most cases, for the best results, treatment is usually done within three to four weeks, with the treatment starting at the dentist’s office and finishing at home as the dentist will give you whitening product to apply at home over 2 to 4 weeks. There are also other products that are applied for longer and as such produce results quicker, sometimes even after a week. Other than whitening using the whitening product, another technique that is available when you go to your dentist is laser whitening, which is also referred to as power whitening. After the cleaning of your teeth and gums is done, the dentist in spring tx will then place a rubber dam over your teeth to protect your gums after which a bleaching product will be painted onto your teeth. After this, the dentist will shine a light or laser on your teeth which activates the bleaching chemical speeding up the reaction of the bleaching product enabling you to get results quicker. Laser whitening is also more effective as it is known to make your teeth up to five to six shades lighter. This procedure, the power whitening procedure, usually takes about an hour once it starts.

As far as costs are concerned, laser whitening procedures are usually more expensive than professional whitening procedures. The good news for the folks of Spring Texas is that both these procedures are available at affordable rates with a number of payment plans over at the excellent dentist in spring texas. Once the dental teeth whitening is done, its effects may last for up to 3 years depending on how your take care of your teeth. To ensure it lasts long, you should stay away from foods and drinks that will stain your teeth as well as ensuring you don’t smoke. The treatment may also have some side effects such as your teeth becoming sensitive to cold, discomfort on the gums, sore throat, white patches on the gum line among others, although these are all temporary and should go away within a couple of days after the treatment ends. However, you should see your dentist if any of these symptoms persists.

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